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Benefits of smiling

Smile is that pleasant amused expression on our faces that makes us look younger and prettier. Well, that is not the only benefit of smiling, you will be surprised to know that smiling even has many health benefits. Here is a list of some of them –
  1. Smiling reduces your blood pressure – Smiling and laughing can lower a person’s blood pressure, studies have shown that laughter initially increases the heart rate and oxygen supply to the body which is subsequently followed by a drop in the blood pressure. The University of Maryland studied the effect of comedies on blood flow and they found that blood flowed easily for the group that watched comedies than the group which watched dramas.
  2. Smiling boosts the immune system – Smiling releases neurotransmitters like serotonin which help our body relax and make our immune system function much more effectively. A WebMD study has revealed that laughter increases the antibodies in our body which helps it fight diseases better.
  3. Smiling reduces pain – Smiling and laughing release in our body something called endorphins which not only elevate our mood but also reduce physical pain.
  4. A smile actually makes you look more attractive, successful, and confident. While these are not health benefits specifically but they send a signal to the body that all is well.
  5. Smiling helps increase longevity – Studies have found that there is a link between living long life and genuine smiling.
  6. Studies have also shown smiles lead to better relationships and good relationships ensure our overall well-being.
  7. Effects of laughter are similar to doing an exercise. It helps in burning calories. A study shows that 10 to 15 minutes of laughter has the capacity to burn up to 50 calories.
  8. Smiling helps us stay positive – we need all the positivity now than ever and smiling is the key to it.

Smiling and laughter have assumed even greater importance in this pandemic of Covid 19. Laughter in these dreary times will go a long way in boosting our immune systems and uplifting our moods which will help us fight this pandemic better. And guess what smiles are contagious too. Your smiling face could brighten someone else’s day as well.

As we celebrate world laughter day on 2nd May we hope you keep finding reasons for smiling and laughter this day and every day. We are working towards making everyone’s smiles better and brighter with our services.

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