10 Bad Dental Habits

So you think you take care of your oral hygiene well. You have a strict routine of brushing, flossing and you eat the right healthy food. But are you sure you do not have any bad dental habit? We will be talking today about 10 bad dental habits which are commonly observed.

Just like good habits help us take care of our teeth, bad habits can undo our sincere efforts at oral health care. So it is not only important to follow good habits but also get rid of the bad ones. Sometimes we are ignorant about that habit of ours which can negatively impact our dental care. So here it goes-

Bad Habit No. 1

Chewing on ice

Are you one of those who enjoy crunching and chewing ice cubes? Well so what you say it is just water that’s been frozen. It is harmless is it not? Well no. In fact it is quite the opposite. Ice is cold and hard and chewing it can cause tremendous damage to your tooth enamel which can break due to the action of chewing. It can cause cracks in the teeth or chip them and it can break any fillings that you may already have. All of these above scenarios can be immensely painful and no one should risk it at all but you like you drinks cold so the solution is chill the beverage before consuming it so you won’t need to put ice in it at all.

Bad Habit No. 2

Grinding your teeth

Irrespective of whether you grind you teeth for only some time or only a few times it is detrimental for your teeth. It erodes our teeth enamel, exposing the dentin which not only makes the teeth look yellow but makes them susceptible to sensitivity to hot and cold substances. Teeth grinding can be due to stress and anxiety or due to crooked teeth. One of the most common solutions suggested for teeth grinding at night is a mouth guard. Counseling can help if the reason behind the teeth grinding is stress or anxiety. Relaxation exercises and becoming aware can also make a lot of difference.

Bad Habit No. 3

Using teeth as a tool

People use their teeth like a tool instead of using actual tools like scissors. Opening up a bag of potato chips, opening up the cap of a bottle, tear tapes etc. Using your teeth for these can chip and damage the tooth. Use your teeth only for eating food. Teeth damage not only causes pain but repairing it can cost you time and money too. 

Bad Habit No. 4

Brushing teeth hard

Some people tend to believe that if you brush hard you are cleaning your teeth better. It is this thought process which also leads to people buying hard bristled toothbrushes. But brushing too hard is a mistake. It can hurt your gums and lead to exposing the roots of your teeth thereby increasing the sensitivity of your teeth.  ADA also recommends using soft bristles toothbrushes. Also apply medium pressure while brushing strong enough to clean but not hard enough to hurt.

Bad Habit No. 5

Snacking or eating too often

Eating or snacking all the time can put our teeth at a higher risk of getting cavities. Every time we eat some food, some of it gets stuck between our teeth which are food for cavity causing bacteria. Snacking more means more attacks by these bacteria leading to a greater chance of getting cavities. Eat balanced meals which are spaced out well in time so that you don’t feel hungry all the time and yet get all the nutrients your body needs. Avoid fatty and sugary stuff as much as is possible.

Bad Habit No. 6

Nail Biting

Generally people tend to bite their teeth when nervous but this habit is harmful for the teeth. It can lead to chipping of the teeth and also jaw pains. If you have this habit you could put on bitter tasting nail paints and also find a solution to help you counter your nervousness.

Bad Habit No. 7

Smoking or Consuming Tobacco

Smoking cigarette and consuming tobacco are extremely unhealthy habits. They lead to staining of teeth as well as gum diseases. They are the leading cause of oral cancer (cancer of the mouth, lips and tongue). It is best to give up these habits completely.

Bad Habit No. 8

Drinking Soda

Many of us nowadays cannot do without a soda. We have replaced drinking water which is healthy with drinking soda. Soda is very harmful for the teeth. Sodas have added sugars which can lead to oral diseases and they also contain citric acid which can eat away the enamel. Don’t sip sodas all day long even if you have to drink them, drink less and use a straw.

Bad Habit No. 9

Chewing on pens and pencils

Many people have this habit of chewing on pens and pencils. Most are not even aware of this bad habit of theirs and do it almost subconsciously. Chewing on these substances can put pressure on the teeth leading to chipping, cracking or shifting of teeth. They also irritate the gum and mucous membrane leading to pain. Jaw pain is also one of side effects of this habit. Become aware of this and you can get rid of this habit.

Bad Habit No. 10

Get piercings

Many people pierce their tongue, cheeks and/ or lips. Tongue piercings can chip the enamel of the tooth. It can also lead to cracks and damage to the teeth. The piercings rub against the soft tissue in the mouth causing discomfort and pain. It can also lead to injury of the gums and having a metal in the mouth can lead to other infections. So think twice before getting an oral piercing and if you do get one keep it clean.

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