10 Fun Facts about Teeth

Teeth can be very interesting subject for many. Most of us don’t think too much about teeth in our daily lives but we definitely notice them a lot. They play an important role in our facial looks which in turn are crucial when it comes to forming first impressions. People have started taking their teeth and oral hygiene more seriously only recently. But taking care of your teeth is not a new phenomenon. Recent studies have shown that dentistry is as old as 7000BC. Remains from the Indus Valley civilization have shown holes in teeth, caused by ancient dental drills. Dentistry is mentioned first in 5000BC in a Sumerian text and Babylonians used chew sticks as early as 3500BC to clean their teeth. Let us see if you know any of these interesting facts about our teeth.

Fun Fact No. 1 – Enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body

If we were to ask you what is the hardest part in your body? You may probably say bones. But that is incorrect. It is the enamel which is the outer covering of the teeth which is the hardest part in our body. Its function is to protect the teeth. Now you may say but teeth are a kind of bone. Wrong again. Teeth cannot grow back if broken (bones can change over time) and they also don’t have bone marrow that produces red and white blood cells, thus making enamel the hardest tissue in a human’s body.

Fun Fact No. 2 – Our teeth are unique

All of us have unique teeth. They are as unique as our finger prints. No one else has the same set of teeth as us. And even our own 32 teeth in case of permanent teeth and 20 in case of milk teeth are the same. All are different shape and size. So your smile is as special as are you.

Fun Fact No. 3 – Our teeth can tell stories

Our teeth like the rings on trees have many stories to tell. From our teeth scientists can figure our diet, our age and even the place to which we belong. They also tell about our overall health and stresses or illnesses faced by us if any.

Fun Fact No. 4 – Dentin can grow and change all your life

The outermost protective layer of the teeth is called enamel. Dentin is the layer that lies beneath the enamel. Enamel once lost can never be regained as it does not have any living cells but dentin can be repaired and regenerated albeit not very easily and requires a lot of time and effort.

Fun Fact No. 5 – Wisdom Teeth have stem cells

If you know the importance of stem cells you would be happy to know our wisdom teeth have stem cells. Stem cells are those cells which can grow and become any kind of tissue (muscle, bone, cartilage etc). They are being researched on and have tremendous potential for treatments in regenerative medicine (where human tissue and parts are grown, repaired and replaced). These stem cells can be removed and stored for future use by you.

Fun Fact No. 6 – Your milk and permanent teeth are already present when you are a baby

Our teeth don’t start growing after we are born. In fact the blueprint of our teeth is already present when we are born. They only get pushed out of the gums when the time is right.

Fun Fact No. 7 – Healthy teeth are not white but off white

Who does not love those pearly white teeth but you will be surprised to know that white is not the natural color of the teeth. Teeth naturally are off white in color not to be confused with yellow teeth (which can mean there is something wrong with your teeth).  Dentin is yellow in color so if your teeth appear yellow that can mean your teeth enamel has worn off.

Fun Fact No. 8 – Cavities are contagious

Surprised? Well it is true. Cavities can spread from one person to another if there is a saliva exchange between a person who has cavities and one who has none. So next time you kiss someone or share cutlery with someone think twice because you may end up getting germs from the other person or giving him some.

Fun Fact No. 9 – Some babies are born with teeth

Well in most cases teeth erupt about 4 to 8 months after a baby is born but in some cases about 1 in 2000 babies can be born with one or more teeth. These teeth are called natal teeth. Most of the time these are harmless but only a pediatrician can guide you if your baby is born with teeth.

Fun Fact No. 10 – George Washington’s teeth

This has to be one of most infamous and weird fact but everyone wants to know what were George Washington’s teeth were made of? Some say George Washington’s dentures were made of wood and this is a popular belief; some others say they were made of lead, ivory and hippopotamus teeth. Wikipedia  on the other hand says he bought teeth from enslaved people. Whether it was for use for self or someone he knew we will never know but mind you he was left with only one functional tooth by the time he became the first President of the United States.

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