4 easy tips to keep your mouth clean and healthy with hydrogen peroxide!

Ever heard of hydrogen peroxide? May be the first thing that comes to the mind when one hears the word hydrogen peroxide is it’s use in a hair color or as a disinfectant. It is highly unlikely that one would associate the word hydrogen peroxide with oral health. But the fact is hydrogen peroxide is a very versatile liquid and can be used in multiple ways. Today, Ensure Dental Care, the family dentist at Saginaw, Texas is bringing to you the ways in which hydrogen peroxide can be used in simple ways to keep your mouth clean. We at Ensure Dental Care are committed to making oral care easy for our patients and others too. 

What is hydrogen peroxide?   

Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless liquid which is used in a wide range of cosmetics, personal care products, first aid etc. It is also used as a disinfectant to clean tools, surfaces, for housecleaning, whitening laundry, sterilizing wounds and cleaning vegetables. It is also an effect agent for teeth whitening. You can read all about that in our blog – ‘Teeth Whitening with Hydrogen Peroxide’. If used correctly it can be very good at keeping the mouth clean and healthy. 

What are the tips on using hydrogen peroxide to keep the mouth clean and healthy? 

Here are some tips on how you can use hydrogen peroxide for oral care – 

Tip 1 – treatment of gum diseases 

The plaque that forms on the teeth over a period of time contains a slimy film which is made up of bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide releases oxygen which can kill these bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide can help treat gum diseases owing to its antibacterial properties. Gargling with hydrogen peroxide can clean the hard-to-reach spots that are missed by the floss. Studies have shown that using hydrogen peroxide can lead to fewer gum diseases. 

Tip 2 – Treating mouth sores or canker sores 

Did you know hydrogen peroxide has antiseptic properties too? When you gargle with hydrogen peroxide it bubbles or foams over the sores removing the dead cells and cleaning the area. It also reduced the bacteria in the mouth if used regularly which helps in the mouth sores healing faster. 

Tip 3 – Ease the pain during a toothache 

It is not always possible to get a dentist’s appointment so a lot of us end up facing that toothache all by ourselves. This is untrue for Ensure Dental Care, though we offer Emergency dental care and also entertain walk ins. If, however, you are unable to get to us we advise you to hold a little hydrogen peroxide in your mouth for 10 minutes or so before spitting all the liquid out (do not ingest the liquid). Repeat the process again and again till you get some pain relief or you are able to walk in to our dental clinic at Saginaw, Tx. This is a temporary pain relief measure and should be used only for that. It does not replace a dental visit. 

Tip 4 – as a toothpaste substitute 

There are times when one may forget carrying the toothpaste like while travelling or camping. In such situations having hydrogen peroxide can come in handy. You can mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide with 3 parts baking soda and make a temporary toothpaste (to be used immediately, cannot be stored).  

Usage of hydrogen peroxide during covid 

Besides these as per ADA gargling or rinsing your mouth with 1.5% hydrogen peroxide solution twice a day can help reduce the microbe load in the mouth and this essentially helped reduce the transfer of microbes during the pandemic of covid.  

Is it safe to use hydrogen peroxide? What are the risks associated with it? 

While using hydrogen peroxide is generally safe in low concentrations, we will still suggest that you check for any allergies before using it. Avoid making your own concoctions. Never swallow it. Swallowing high concentration hydrogen peroxide can lead to gastrointestinal problems and inhaling the fumes of the liquid can also cause irritation to the lungs. This liquid can also irritate the eyes. So please make sure you check with your doctor and dentist before using it for any medicinal purposes. 


Whether you’re aiming to get healthy gums or a set of whiter and brighter teeth, hydrogen peroxide is a very useful ingredient that can help you keep your mouth clean and healthy. You may already be using hydrogen peroxide in some over the counter products or it is possible that your dentist has used them on you beforehand. Either way do speak to them before using this product. 

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