Care To Be Taken Post Root Canal

You have just had a root canal or thinking of one and you are worried about what precautions you should be taking pre and post a root canal. Of course, you will be speaking to your dentist about all that but want to be prepared with some basic knowledge yourself before you have that talk. Well, you have come to the right place. Today we talk about the precautions you must take post a root canal. 

What is a root canal and what happens in a root canal? 

To put it simply a root canal is advised when there is an infection in the tooth or a tooth is badly damaged. The name root canal comes from the fact that in this procedure the canals of a tooth’s root are cleaned. It generally consists of the following steps – 

  1. The infected tooth is numbed with an anesthetic so you don’t feel any pain. 
  1. The tooth is drilled to reach the infected area. 
  1. The infected area is cleaned, dried and filled with a filling. 

What are the precautions I can take post a root canal? 

Well for the sake of convenience we have divided the precautions into 2 categories – immediately post a root canal and the next few days. 

Immediately post a root canal 

A dentist usually gives an anesthesia for a root canal and immediately post the procedure the anesthesia will take a few hours to wear off. It is important that during this time ideally you don’t eat or drink anything. Especially eating hard food or drinking something hot or cold can be irritating and painful.  

A root canal is a major procedure and there is some discomfort or pain post the treatment. Earlier these procedures used to be very painful but not anymore. Your dentist will advise you on some pain-relieving measures post a root canal. The pain generally reduces with time, if it does not then you need to revisit your dentist. 

For the next few days 

  1. Dietary restrictions – Avoid hard foods as much as possible during the recovery period. Have soft foods like soft cereals, oat meals, eggs, pudding, soup, tuna salad, humus, pancakes, mashed vegetables, pasta, yogurt, smoothies and fruits like banana and mangoes. If you are interested, we have a blog on a few such food recipes titled Recipes for soft food. You can check it out. Avoid gums, ice, nuts and hard candies completely. Avoid too cold or too hot food as your tooth may be extra sensitive post the root canal procedure. Avoid spicy food too in order not to irritate the site of the procedure. 
  1. Dental Care – Just because you have had a root canal does not mean you can skip the dental care routine. Routine oral care assumes greater importance especially after a procedure like root canal. Post a root canal there is a good chance that your tooth is tender so make sure your do not brush aggressively. Take a little more time to brush the site of the root canal to ensure the site is clean and your tooth heals properly. Make sure to floss gently. You can also use an antiseptic mouthwash (please consult your dentist before doing this) for a few days. 
  1. Other precautions – Avoid touching the area of root canal with fingers, tongue or any other hard object. This can lead to prolonged sensitivity. Make sure you take your medicines including the pain relievers on time and for full course. Last but not the least do not miss out on any of the follow up appointments you may have with your dentist. 

A tooth post a root canal needs time and proper attention to recover. While most root canals are successful some may not be. So, keep an eye out for the signs of a failed root canals. These include – 

  1. Severe pain or swelling at the site of the root canal or around the area that does not go away in a few days’ time. 
  1. Any allergic reaction to any medicine. 
  1. Sensitivity of the tooth while eating something. 
  1. Presence of any pus around the site of the root canal. 
  1. A boil on the jaw. 
  1. Discoloration of the tooth. 

In any of the above cases please consult your dentist immediately. Root canals are very safe and very common procedures now a days and one need not be scared of them. With proper care and precautions, you will be fit and fine in a few days. Root canals can help save your teeth. And with a few precautions you can make your root canal procedure a successful one. And after that you can enjoy your life as you had previously. 

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