Ceramic Braces vs Invisalign

So you have been thinking of straightening your teeth and you are now confused as to which of the options is best for you. Your dentist has presented a number of choices and you cannot make out whether to go for ceramic braces or invisalign. Help is at hand. In this blog we aim to help you choose between ceramic braces and invisalign whichever is best for you.

What are ceramic braces?

Like any other braces the objective of ceramic braces is to straighten the teeth. These are different from the traditional metallic braces because they are not made of metal but instead are made of corundum, the natural form of aluminum oxide. This material is very durable because it is very hard just next to diamonds. They were introduced in the late 80s as an alternative to the metal braces for the aesthetically conscious people who did not want to wear ugly looking metal braces. They soon became a popular choice as compared to metal braces for the same reason because they are less noticeable than the metal braces.

Clearly there are advantages and disadvantages associated with ceramic braces. Let us take a look at the advantages first.

Advantages of ceramic braces

  1. Less visibility – The primary reason for the popularity of ceramic braces amongst users especially adults is that they are less visible because they come in different shades of off-white and look very natural tooth like. They can be customized to your tooth color and the arch wires that connect these braces also come in shades of white making them almost invisible.
  • Less allergy – Metal braces can cause allergic reactions like dermatitis but ceramic braces do not pose such a problem. Ceramic braces are less likely to irritate gums and cut them and other soft tissue in the mouth.
  • Less plaque – Some studies suggest that with ceramic braces there is less plaque accumulation as compared to metal braces. Plaque is the sticky film that forms over teeth that contains bacteria that attack teeth.
  •  Hard to chip or crack – Because ceramic is a hard substance, it does not chip or crack so easily making ceramic braces very durable.
  • Stain resistant – Because ceramic is not porous it is stain resistant which is a good feature to have long term.

Disadvantages of ceramic braces

  1. Longer treatment – Ceramic braces cannot handle as much pressure as metal braces so treatment time with ceramic braces is slightly longer.
  2. Bulky in size – Ceramic braces are larger in size as compared to traditional braces.

What is invisalign?

Firstly Invisalign is a brand name, they produce clear aligners. Aligners are custom made tight fitting mouth pieces that are slipped over the teeth. Unlike braces which use metal wire brackets to push teeth in place, clear aligners use these mouthpieces. There are other companies also that make clear aligners.

Advantages of Invisalign

  1. Invisible – Clear aligners are made up of transparent plastic and worn over your natural teeth so most people won’t even notice when you wear them. This is one of its greatest advantage which makes it the choice no. 1 of most users.
  • No restrictions on diet – Braces be it metallic or ceramic may involve some restrictions on what you can and cannot eat but not so with invisalign clear aligners. Because these are completely removable before eating.
  • No gum irritation – These are generally made of plastic and tend not to irritate gums and soft tissue in the mouth.
  • Less discomfort – If there are any adjustments needed to be done once these are custom made they are generally not very painful and can be done with very little discomfort.
  • Short treatment time – The treatment time with invisalign or other clear aligners is generally shorter as compared to metal or ceramic braces.

Disadvantages of Invisalign

  1. Discipline needed – You need to wear invisalign at least 22 hours a day for it make an impact so it takes discipline on the part of the patient to use them for the proscribed time, this is because they are removable remember.
  2. Costly – Clear aligners are a fairly new tech phenomenon and generally are costly as compared to traditional braces.
  3. Staining teeth – Clear braces can stain teeth.

Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of both ceramic braces and invisalign let us compare them with each other.

Ceramic Braces vs Invisalign

  1. Invisalign is more transparent than ceramic braces which mimic your natural tooth color.
  2. The mechanism used by the two (invisalign and ceramic braces) for pushing back the teeth are very different as explained above. Invisalign may not be a suitable treatment solution in case of severe problems of cross bites, very crooked teeth and or any issues with other teeth and jaw bone.
  3. No dietary restrictions in case of invisalign as there are in the case of ceramic braces.
  4. Invisalign can be removed unlike ceramic braces.
  5. Invisalign needs more adjustments as compared to ceramic braces which means more visits to the dental office.
  6. Invisalign can stain your teeth unlike ceramic braces.
  7. Invisalign is a more expensive option as compared to getting ceramic braces.
  8. Invisalign has shorter treatment time than ceramic braces.

Now it totally depends on how crooked are one’s teeth and if there are any additional issues along with it. Plus the cost of the whole procedure and the time commitment involved from one’s side which will ultimately be important factors in deciding which treatment is most suitable for you. Other important factor is insurance coverage. Most insurance providers cover invisalign procedures just like braces but many do not as they consider it a cosmetic procedure. Hope this blog was informative and useful to you.

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