Cigarettes and your teeth

Well everyone knows cigarette smoking is bad for health. And many are aware that it also harms our teeth. Here we explore how cigarette smoking harms our teeth in particular.

Smoking stains teeth

One of the most common side effects of smoking cigarettes is stained teeth. Tar and nicotine in tobacco is responsible for this. Yellow teeth and in case of heavy smokers even brown teeth are common complaints.

Bad Breath

Many studies indicate the chronic smoking can lead to halitosis i.e bad breath.

Gum Diseases

Smoking can also lead to gum disease. Smoking produces bacterial plaque, which causes gum diseases. Smoking reduces the ability of our body to fight infections which means more bacterial build up in the mouth. Research shows smokers are two times more liable to get gum diseases than those people who don’t smoke.

Tooth and gum sensitivity

Cigarette smoking slowly erodes away the tooth enamel making teeth and gums more vulnerable to sensations of heat and cold.

Oral Cancer

It is no secret that smoking increases the risk of getting oral cancer.


Smoking and consumption of tobacco is also held responsible for oral leukoplakia which is appearance of white/ grey patches inside the mouth.

Lengthens healing

A person who smokes takes longer time to heal from oral procedures and surgeries than someone who does not smoke. A single cigarette contains more than 7000 chemicals of which a large number are potentially dangerous for humans. Smoking is associated not only with cancer but also heart and lung diseases. While we are talking about cigarettes here even smokeless e cigarettes and tobacco are equally harmful not just for oral but overall health of an individual.

Below are some facts about smoking!

As per CDC and we quote here –

1. “Over 40% of adults aged 20 to 64 who currently smoke cigarettes have untreated tooth decay.

2. Adults aged 65 or older who smoke cigarettes are twice as likely to have untreated tooth decay as those who never smoked. 

3. 43% of adults aged 65 or older who currently smoke cigarettes have lost all of their teeth.”


Tooth pastes, mouthwashes etc are superficial solutions to problems arising from smoking. If you smoke, we suggest you must visit your dentist much more regularly than advised to others.

Close and regular monitoring by your dentist will help you best tackle these issues as they will lead to early detection and remedy.

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