6 Dental Issues that Clear Aligners can correct.

Hello readers, hope you are enjoying our blogs. This time we are back with another blog on clear aligners. Yes, the popular alternative to traditional metallic braces. Adults and teens prefer clear aligners instead of the traditional methods of straightening teeth for a number of reasons which we have out lined in our blogs Ceramic Braces vs Invisalign and Invisalign vs Six Month Smiles. Invisalign and Six Month Smiles for the uninitiated are 2 most popular brands of clear aligners. Today we will be telling you about the different dental issues clear aligners can correct. So here we go! 

Number 1 – Over bite 

Almost 70% of US adults have this dental issue and that is known as the overbite. So you might be wondering what is an overbite! Overbite is the condition which occurs when the upper set of teeth are slightly protruded as compared to the lower ones. So, when the person closes their mouth the upper and lower set of teeth do not align. The top row of teeth is at a distance in front of the bottom teeth. There is a gap between them. What this means is that you cannot close your lips properly. This also means you will have difficulty in biting and eating stuff like the pizza. Many people who suffer from mild overbites get used to biting stuff with the help of not their front but side teeth. It can also affect your smile and in severe cases it can have an impact on speech too. Overbites can happen due to natural causes or over use of pacifiers as baby and bad habits like sucking thumbs, chewing nails and pencils too. Clear aligners can fix this issue leading to a better smile, bite and speech. 

Number 2 – Under bite  

If you have understood what is an overbite it will not be difficult for you to understand what an underbite is. Yes, you got it, it’s the opposite of an overbite. In this case the bottom row of teeth is in front of the upper row of teeth when you close your mouth. In this case also the teeth don’t meet when mouth is closed. Almost all underbites are due to your genes and the milder ones can be fixed with a clear aligner. However, in case of severe underbites it may need surgery for correction. Severe underbites are accompanied by clicking of the jaws, ear aches and headaches. Underbite also impacts speech, chewing and smile of a person. Underbite can cause teeth to wear quickly so its necessary to correct it.  

Number 3 – Cross bite 

Now that you know about overbite and underbite can you guess what is a crossbite? Well, let us see if you guessed it correctly. If a person has overbite in some teeth and underbite in others it is known as a crossbite. All these bite issues are dental issues and not related to the jaw. Generally, when the milk teeth don’t fall out in time and the permanent teeth start erupting in front or back of the milk teeth this problem of cross bite occurs. Crossbites are rarely severe and most are rectifiable with clear aligners. 

Number 4 – Open bite 

When the back upper teeth and back lower teeth align properly but there is a gap between the front upper and front lower teeth that is called as an open bite. Open bites can be fixed with clear aligners however it is sometimes not possible to close the gap completely. Many cases may need the traditional braces.  Open bites also affect how you look, smile and also cause difficulty in eating. 

Number 5 – Crowded teeth 

Some people have overcrowded teeth because their jaws are small. Due to small jaws the teeth overlap over each other thereby increasing friction and consequently more wear and tear. This can lead to more chances of developing cavities. In most such cases tooth extractions are needed because it is not possible for clear aligners to create space in the jaw. They put pressure of the teeth so that they move to desired places but they cannot expand the jaw of a person.  So clear aligners can fix this problem only if some of teeth like the wisdom teeth are extracted.   

Number 6 – Gaps between the teeth 

The last common problem that clear aligners are very good at fixing are excessive gaps between the teeth. This gap problem is exactly opposite of the above-mentioned overcrowding problem. In this problem the jaw is much bigger than the space used up by the teeth. The gap could have also arisen because of a tooth extraction. This is not considered an issue other than a cosmetic one. So, if you are not happy with how the gaps in your teeth make you look and they are affecting your self esteem then it is best to consult a dentist and take their advice. 

Every case is different and needs proper consultation with a qualified dentist to ensure correct course of action is taken. Dentist generally do not advise clear aligner for younger kids. They are used primarily for teens and adults who already have all permanent teeth. Clear aligners can transform your smile and they have some definite advantages over braces like being invisible and ability to remove them while eating. So if you are thinking of straightening your teeth or fixing any of the above issues then consider clear aligners for sure. 

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