Crowns for teeth

What is a dental crown?  

A dental crown is like a cap put on a tooth to restore its shape or appearance and strength. The crown covers the entire visible portion of the tooth once placed. A crown is recommended if in case – 

  • A tooth is cracked and there is a need to keep the entire tooth together. 
  • To restore the appearance and strength of a decayed tooth. 
  • To cover a chipped/ broken tooth. 
  • To restore highly eroded teeth. 
  • In case there is a large filling in the tooth which needs to be kept in one place. 
  • To cover a discolored tooth. 
  • To hold a dental bridge in place.  
  • As a covering for a dental implant. 

Crowns are made up of different kinds of materials. These include – 

  • Stainless steel or acrylic – generally used as temporary crowns till the permanent one is made from another material. Used mostly in case of children because it can come out along with the milk teeth to make room for the permanent teeth. Moreover, they are custom made, cost effective and do not require too many sittings to fit it. 
  • Metal crowns – are the most durable of all types of crowns because the metal takes longer to wear down and can withstand all the biting and chewing. Also, they cannot chip or break. Many people do not prefer them because of aesthetics and the fact that they are expensive. 
  • Porcelain or ceramic crowns – generally are the choice of most people because they can be custom made and are of the color as close to the natural teeth color as can be. They are also good for people who may have allergies to metal. 
  • Resin crowns – are the least expensive of all crowns but they wear down faster than others and can even make the teeth prone to fractures. 
  • Porcelain fused to metal – a good choice of material if one needs the strength of the metal and the natural color of the porcelain to cover the tooth. The only drawback with these is that the metal underlying the porcelain can sometimes show especially if gums are receding.  

Consult your dentist and decide which material is best suitable to make crown for your specific dental needs. 

What is the procedure to get a dental crown? 

A traditional crown may need more than one visit to the dentist. Normally this is the process. 

  • The dentist will examine the tooth which needs a crown. This may involve taking x-rays. 
  • The dentist will clean and prepare the tooth (file the tooth) to take a mold in order to make a crown. 
  • The dentist will then take an impression of the tooth. This can be made using a putty or using a digital scanner. 
  • The impressions or scans will then be sent to a dental lab where the crown will be made. 
  • The dentist will fit a temporary crown on the tooth in order to protect it before the next visit when the permanent crown would be fitted. 
  • A second visit will be necessitated once the permanent crown has come from the dental lab. 
  •  During the second visit the dentist will remove the temporary crown and if the fit, color and size of the permanent crown is well then, the same will be cemented on to the tooth after a local anesthesia. 

How to take care of your dental crown? 

In case of a temporary crown make sure you don’t eat sticky and chewy substances. Also, any hard food should be avoided. In fact, it is best to avoid eating from that side of the mouth where the crown is fitted. Care also must be taken while flossing teeth so as not to disturb the temporary crown. In case of a permanent crown also it is best to avoid hard or chewy or sticky food items. Brush very carefully and incase there is a tooth grinding issue at night use a night guard post consultation with your dentist. 

Are there any possible complications of getting a crown? 

There are some possible complications that may occur as a result of getting a dental crown fixed. These include – 

  • Sensitivity of the teeth towards hot and cold substances. 
  • The crown can chip easily especially if it’s a porcelain crown unlike a metal one which cannot break. 
  • If not cemented well a crown can be knocked out or can become loose. 
  • In case of metal crowns some people can have an allergic reaction to the metal used to make the crown. 

A crown is a good and durable solution to many dental problems and with proper care can last from 5 to 15 years.  

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