Dental First Aid Kit

Do you have a dental first aid kit in your house? Well, if you don’t have one, you have reached the right place. We are talking dental first aid kits today. Everyone knows what a first aid kit is. A kit of medical supplies for emergencies at home. You should also have a dental first aid kit at home along with a regular first aid kit. 

Why have a dental first aid kit at home? 

Just like there can be instances of small cuts, bruises and burns at home similarly dental emergencies also can occur in any household at any given point in time. It is important to know what to do if there is a dental emergency and if the things one needs to handle a dental emergency till one reaches a dentist office are readily available in one place, it can potentially not only save the tooth but a lot of pain and money later. You may still be wondering if it is really needed at home? The answer is yes, they are an absolute necessity in every home because dental injuries and emergencies are more common than one would think. And it is not just children but even adults that have regular dental accidents at home. A little knowledge and a kit can go a long way in helping you or your loved one in pain. 

What dental injuries and emergencies can be handled using a dental first aid kit?  

A dental first aid kit can be used for minor injuries and are not a replacement for professional dental services. Some of the injuries or emergencies that a dental first aid kit can be used for include – 

  1. Toothaches 
  1. Mouth sores 
  1. Chipped or knocked our tooth 
  1. Bitten lip or tongue 
  1. Object stuck between teeth 
  1. Broken cavity fillings 
  1. Dislodged dental bridges 

What should I keep in a dental first aid kit? 

A dental first aid kit is easy to assemble and one needs to go only to the local pharmacist to get the basic supplies to make a good dental first aid kit. Ideally a dental first aid kit must have the following items in it – 

  1. Medical gloves – In case of a dental emergency or injury you may need to put your hand in someone’s mouth and you would want to make sure you are not passing on any germs to that person. It is advisable to wash one’s hands and use medical gloves too. Avoid latex gloves as they may cause allergic reactions in some. 
  1. Cotton buds or gauze pads – These can be used to stop bleeding if there is any. Hold the gauze pad at the point of injury with a slight pressure to reduce the flow of blood. 
  1. Antiseptic oral cleanser – This can be used clean the debris or dirt from the injured area and clean a wound if needed.  
  1. Ice packs or cold compress – These come in handy to reduce any swelling due to the injury. 
  1. Oral anesthetic – An oral anesthetic is very useful especially in case of toothaches and mouth sores. It generally comes in the form of a gel and can be easily applied on the affected areas like around the tooth, on gums, lip, tongue and sores. 
  1. Pain relieving medication – In case of unbearable excessive pain ideally you should visit a dentist on an emergency basis. However, if it is not possible to visit the dental clinic due to some reason, you may take pain relieving over the counter medication in consultation with your dentist. 
  1. Mouth guard – A mouth guard can help keep loose tooth in position till you reach a dental clinic. 
  1. Clove oil – If you have lost a crown or a filling you can apply some clove oil to it. This has a sedative effect on the pulp of the tooth. It can help relieve some tooth pain also. 
  1. A dental mirror – This is a good addition to the dental first aid kit. It can help you see the area of injury (especially the back of the mouth or hard to reach areas). Buy one which has lights on it. You can examine the mouth for pieces of broken teeth for removal otherwise they can hurt the soft tissue and tongue in the mouth. 
  1. Dental wax – is good to apply in case of irritation from the braces. 
  1. Dental floss – A floss can be used by a parent to remove any foreign object stuck in between the teeth of the children. After that use water or a mouthwash to rinse the mouth and remove any broken parts and debris. Never try to remove the foreign object with something sharp. 
  1. Tweezers – can help put back a dislodged crown or filling. 

The above-mentioned points are only to guide you to use in case of dental emergencies. Please read more about what to do if there is a dental emergency and consult your dentist while making this kit. You don’t have to be a trained dentist to do first aid, but you must be well informed on what to do.  

While you can give first aid always remember only a professional dentist can help in case of a dental emergency. So, make it a point to reach a dental clinic as soon as possible after a dental injury or during a dental emergency. 

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