Dental New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year and welcome new year resolutions 

Ensure Dental Care team wishes all our readers and patients a very happy new year. It is that time of the year again when we aspire to start our year with some positive and productive changes in our lives. Yes, it is the time for the new year resolutions. New year resolutions are a good thing, they help us set goals and give us an opportunity to commit to a change which will help improve our lives.  

This year we want you to include dental health as one of your goals also along with your other new year resolutions. We are here to give you ideas on some of the small but important changes regarding dental health that you can usher into your lives this year. 

Improve your oral health – You can try to assimilate some or all of these into your daily oral care routine. 

Resolution 1 

Be aware while brushing your teeth – Make sure you pay attention to your brushing technique when you brush your teeth daily. Ask yourself these questions while brushing your teeth – 

  1. Is my toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to my gum line while brushing? 
  1. Did I cover all the chewing surfaces of all my teeth while brushing? 
  1. Am I brushing my teeth with sufficient pressure? Do not brush too hard. 
  1. Did I brush my teeth for at least 2 mins? Hint – Use a stopwatch initially to get into the habit. 

Resolution 2 

Make a few changes in the materials, instruments and procedures that you use for your oral hygiene – 

  1. Buy a soft bristled brush. Soft bristled brushes are good for the enamel of your teeth. 
  1. Change your toothpaste to a fluoride toothpaste. To know the benefits of fluoride in toothpastes and in general read our blog titled fluoride myths and facts. 
  1. Include tongue cleaning in your daily oral care routine. You can use a good tongue scraping instrument for this. 
  1. Learn to floss. The internet is full of videos and guides on how to floss. Use a floss or an inter dental brush whichever suits you but make sure you clean the areas between the teeth. 

Resolution 3 

Help improve your oral health with better dietary choices. Here are somethings you can try – 

  1. Try not to snack in between meals especially at night. If you cannot completely get rid of this habit, try and limit it as much as possible and consciously try to choose healthier snacks instead of oily and fried substances. 
  1. Every time you try to reach for that soda or that sugar drink, stop yourself and instead go for fluoridated water. It is important to stay hydrated for healthy teeth but it is more important to give up those sugary acidic drinks that are the bane for our teeth. 
  1. Rinse your mouth after every meal, use plain water or a mouth wash for it. It will help get rid of food particles stuck on the surfaces and in between the teeth. 
  1. Reduce your sugar intake in general. Keep a track of your current sugar consumption and try to reduce it slowly and get rid of it not just for healthier teeth but also a healthier you. 
  1. Try and quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption. Both these habits are very harmful for your teeth. Small efforts in this direction will go a long way in making sure your teeth and gums stay healthy for a longer time. 

Resolution 4 

Don’t shy away from going to the dentist. It is important to visit your dentist at least twice a year for regular checkups. 

  1. Schedule those 2 annual checkups with your dentist today. Mark those dates in your calendar and make sure you do not miss them. Regular checkups help identify dental problems at the earliest and can potentially save you not just your teeth but also a lot of pain and money. 
  1. If dental costs are keeping you from going to the dentist, then we suggest you research and invest in a good dental plan. Read our blogs preventive dental insurance, things you should know about your dental insurance and how to get the best out of your dental insurance. All these will help you understand the importance of dental insurance and the benefits you can accrue from it. 

Many of us start with good intentions but give up midway. Most new year resolutions end up in dustbins within weeks of starting. This is because they are mostly over ambitious and frankly not achievable. Hence it is important that if you want to bring a positive change in your life resolve to make your goals small enough to be achievable and big enough for you to feel successful when you achieve them. Keep it small but keep it consistent. That is the only way to bring any lasting change in your lifestyle. There will be many slips in between but do not give up. Pick yourself up and start afresh, keep motivating yourself. Make dental health a priority this year. Remember good dental health means good health overall. Keep that mind, we wish you all the success in life and hope you will pick up all of the above resolutions and make them part of your lives. 

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