Dental themed Christmas Gift Ideas.

Christmas is such a magical time. We at Ensure Dental Care wish you and your families a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Christmas is all about fun, parties, eating, drinking and family. One of the most integral parts of all Christmas celebrations is, well you guessed it right! GIFTS!!! Who does not love getting gifts? But buying Christmas presents for others is not an easy task. You have to really think hard on what to buy for everyone keeping in mind their needs and wishes and of course your pocket 😊. 

So, we thought why not give you a few dental themed ideas for gifts which make for excellent Christmas presents irrespective of age and gender of the recipient.  

  1. Electric toothbrush – Dentists across the world love electric toothbrushes. This is because they are more efficient and effective than a manual toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes are not too expensive to buy and make excellent gifts especially for kids who are fussy when it comes to brushing. If you also are having trouble getting your kids to brush read our blog Kids hate brushing? What can you do? For kids there is also an option of getting a toothbrush that lights up or plays music while brushing the teeth. 
  1. Waterpik – Flossing should be an important part of everyone’s daily oral care routine but a lot of people find it difficult to floss their teeth with the thread flosser and many do it the wrong way. So one of the most useful gifts one can give such people is a waterpik. A waterpik uses the pressure of the water to clean between the teeth. It is easy to use and as effective as any other flosser. To read more about it, check out our blog Water Flossing. 
  1. Cheese collection – We tend to pick up chocolates or other sweetmeats to gift our friends and family. All of these are really harmful for the teeth. So why not instead gift something that people love and is also good for teeth. Cheese.  Many kinds of cheeses are good for teeth like among aged cheese there is Monterey Jack and Cheddar. From the soft cheeses there is Brie and Camembert which are excellent and if your family or friends like blue cheeses then go for Gorgonzola and/ or Roquefort. Cheese has no sugar and has neutralizing acids in the mouth which prevents the oral bacteria to grow thereby reducing the chances of developing plaque, tartar and consequently cavities. 
  1. Teeth whitening kits – This is a very interesting gift to give albeit to people you are really close to (you don’t want to offend anyone). These kits are available online as well as with offline retailers. One word of caution here -many of these kits may not be very effective or even harmful if not bought from a reliable source. So if you plan on picking these up we suggest you do a little research before getting them. 
  1. Tea Collections – For those who love tea, this will be a perfect gift. But doesn’t tea stain and discolor our teeth, you may ask? Yes, you are right, most of the time teas contain a substance called tannin which is the reason behind staining of the teeth but there are many herbal teas which are available in the market that do not contain tannin. Pick a good selection of teas to gift to your loved ones. Not only will it be healthy but also unique. 
  1. Tooth Fairy Box – If you have kids in the family who are in the process of losing their milk teeth this can be a fun gift to give to them. They can store their fallen milk teeth in this box for the tooth fairy to pick up. You can include a bigger bag for the tooth fairy to put money or gifts. Besides this you could add additional stuff along like books or games about losing milk teeth and the process of eruption of permanent teeth making it not only a fun and exciting gift for young kids to enjoy but also learn from it. 
  1. Ceramic tooth shaped planters – There are many people who love and enjoy gardening and this is a wonderful present for them. These teeth shaped ceramic planters are great for planting small plants in and around the house and they also come with a cavity for draining of the water. How convenient right? 
  1. Dental Jewelry – If that special girl friend of yours is into funky jewelry this one is totally up your alley. Tooth shaped earrings, dental necklaces, bracelets are easily available. Then there are dental tote bags too. All of these make for really special one-of-a-kind gifts and people will remember you for having gifted them these. 

So how did you like our dental themed Christmas gift ideas? Tell us if you have any more such unique ideas. We will love to hear from you and include them in our future blogs. Get in touch with us. Our instagram handle is @ensuredentalcaresaginawtx. We look forward to interacting with you on the instagram soon.  

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Once again, we wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you have lots of fun baking goodies, decorating your trees, caroling and exchanging gifts. 

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