Digital impressions for braces and orthodontics

Have you ever got a dental crown or dental implant? If yes then there is a very good chance that you know the process involved in making a crown or an implant. Before the dentist can make either of these, they need to take exact measurements of your teeth, gums and surrounding tissue. The method by which this is done is known as a dental impression. Dental impressions are an essential part of dentistry across the world. 

What are dental impressions? 

Dental impressions are used as diagnostic tools and for dental restorations like crowns, implants, retainers and mouth guards too.  Dental impressions are used to create casts and models of your mouth. This gives your dentist an idea as to how your teeth, gums, dental arches etc which are unique to you come together and how they fit with one another. Dental impressions are widely used for – 

  • Dental Crowns 
  • Dental Implants 
  • Dental Bridges 
  • Veneers 
  • Dentures 
  • Retainers 
  • Clear Aligners 
  • Mouth and Night guards 
  • Teeth whitening trays 

Type of dental impressions 

Dental impressions can be made using traditional methods or digitally.  

Traditional impressions 

The traditional method involves putting a putty like substance in a metal tray which you need to bite on to create an impression. In a few minutes the putty like substance sets and hardens. A dental impression is thus created. The resultant mold is then sent to a dental lab which creates a cast of your mouth by pouring acrylic or plaster in the dental impression. These are 3D replicas the patient’s teeth. Dental casts can be created from many types of dental stone, metal or plastic, depending on the intended use and the durability requirements of the cast. 

With new developments in technology dental impressions can now be made digitally. 

Digital Impressions 

Digital impressions are 3D intra oral scans of the teeth, gums, tissue et al that create a virtual image of your mouth. The scan allows a dentist or orthodontist to have a look at your teeth in a 3D setting on a computer giving them a more accurate picture than any X-ray or traditional mold can. Generally, the dentist or his/her assistant will prepare the patient’s teeth by clearing the area and then moving a small wand around the insides of your mouth. This wand has a digital camera that captures multiple pictures and also takes measurements and then adds all of these together to create a precise image of the insides of your mouth that is visible on a computer screen and which can be manipulated (turned right, left, upside down) by the dentist to understand the issue at hand and diagnose the problem better. Digital impressions are currently changing the way dentists create dental impressions and restoration appliances for patients all over the world. 

Benefits of digital impressions 

There are multiple benefits of digital dental impressions – 

  1. They are more accurate than the traditional method because the model is generated using lasers and computers. Not just accurate digital impressions also give more detail which means your treatment can be fine tuned to each tooth. 
  1. Because the images created are more accurate this leads to better quality of the restoration device being made be it implants or bridges or dentures. 
  1. The whole process of capturing the digital impression is much quicker when done digitally. This creates a more convenient experience for the patient. 
  1. Some patients have a gagging reaction when using the traditional method in which the putty like substance is put in the mouth making the whole process an unpleasant experience. Digital impressions eliminate this problem completely. 
  1. The hard trays used during the traditional method of taking digital impressions are cold and can cause discomfort to many people. This step is completely eliminated when using digital impressions. 
  1. The digital impression thus created can be stored electronically for as long as one wants, which saves space, supports a paper-free environment and makes record maintenance more efficient. 
  1. Digital impressions remove much of the effort and guesswork needed with traditional impressions, and greatly reduce errors which means lesser adjustments and follow up visits for the patient. 

Dental impressions do not carry any major risks.  Digital impressions are now preferred over the traditional methods because a good dental impression can lead to a better fitting device thereby saving a patient’s time and money. Both dentists and dental assistants may undergo training to take digital impressions. 

In summary we can say that digital dental impressions are here to stay because they are comfortable, non-messy and provide good quality impressions leaving no or very little margin of error leading to quicker service experience and are as cost effective as any of the traditional methods.  

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