Facts about Dental Implant Recovery Process

So you have been thinking about getting dental implants and you have just researched on an implant is done and of course the $$$ it will cost you. But we are here to talk about the one aspect of the dental implant surgeries which is not often discussed or even searched for by the patients which is very critical and anyone thinking about dental implants must know about it without fail and that is the recovery process. 

So here are some facts that you must know before you even consider implants.

  1. Be prepared for some bleeding. While the dentist will put gauze packs over the surgical area to minimize bleeding but the gauze may need changing every 30 to 45 minutes till the bleeding stops.
  2. Its best to take the rest of the day off when getting an implant done and take bed rest.
  3.  Even after 3 to 4 days post implant you should avoid exercises, lifting, bending or getting up suddenly from a lying position. All these can aggravate the swelling and bleeding.
  4. Generally it takes 5 to 7 days post procedure to be completely recovered however actual recovery may vary from patient to patient and depends on a number of factors like:
    • The number of dental implants you have had. Recovery time for more than one implant may take longer than a single implant.
    • Sometimes the jaw bone is unable to take pressure of the implant and needs to be strengthened before an implant can actually take place. This is called bone grafting and it may take months to recover from it.
    • Just like bone grafting some people’s sinuses come in the way of implants and need to be lifted which may further prolong the recovery time.
    • The most important factor in an implant is how well does your body accept the foreign material in this case the metal screw. Some people have more difficulty than others.
  5. Another important thing one must take care of after having undergone an implant surgery is to
    1. Have soft food like avocado, bananas, fish, egg and try avoid direct contact with the implant.
    1. Avoid hard foods like nuts, chips, apples and also those that produce acid like lemon, lime, citrus fruits, tomatoes etc. These can harm the implant and hinder the recovery process.

   Although we have listed most of the facts related to recovery from dental implants, its best to also consult your dentist for a more detailed personal consultation regarding it because all recoveries are as unique as the patients. In case you would like to know more about dental implants, come and visit us at Ensure Dental Care- Saginaw, TX today or contact us at 940-274-3229 to know more. We accept all major insurance providers. Follow us on instagram @ensuredentalcaresaginawtx to get regular updates, offers and more.