Financing dental implants

Are you thinking of getting dental implants but are worried about the expenses associated with the procedure? Fret not! Ensure Dental Care, your dentist in Saginaw, Texas is at your service. You can read this blog or walk in to our dental clinic at Saginaw, Tx and we can guide you about dental implant procedure and its cost. Dental implants are one of the best solutions to teeth loss. Dental implant is a sophisticated procedure and uses state of the art technology and needs to be performed by skilled and trained dentist. All of these things don’t come cheap and no one has that kind of money lying around the house hence you may be left wondering – “How do I take care of the costs?”. Dental implants can cost anywhere between $1000 to $5000. Please note that the cost of a dental implant can vary from case to case since all cases are unique in nature. Many a times dental implants are not covered by dental insurance. So whether you have a dental insurance or not you can go for these other methods of financing your dental implant procedure. 

What are the different ways in which I can finance my dental implants? 

  1. Payment plans – Dentists now a days offer payment plans to their patients. Using this method, a patient can pay for the procedure in monthly installments. So, you need pay the full amount of the procedure upfront. The payment plan can be inhouse or the dental clinic may have a tie up with a third party like Sunbit payment plan. Sunbit does a basic credit check of the customer and offers loans for 3,6 or 12 months so that you can undergo the procedure without worrying about the expense. The loan has to be repaid by the patient via monthly installments. 
  1. Dental credit cards – There are companies like CareCredit who offer credit cards with the explicit purpose of payment of dental procedures. You can apply for such a credit card before undergoing the procedure and pay the amount in small installments every month. 
  1. Health savings account or Flexible savings account – You can pay for your own dental implants. These are accounts where you can save money for your health and dental requirements of the future. There is no interest paid on these accounts but there are tax benefits. There are some differences between the two though, FSA is an account sponsored by your employer while an HSA can be opened by you, all you need is a health plan. In FSA only a certain portion of the funds roll over to the next year while in HSA all funds roll over. The annual contribution for FSA is lower than that required for an HSA. 
  1. Take a dental or personal loan – If you have a good credit score you can take out a personal loan for the expenses you may incur for the dental implant procedure. Interest rates on these loans vary depending on how good or bad the credit score is. Generally, the rate of interest is fixed and some lenders may even charge a small processing fee. 
  1. Retirement savings – Several retirement plans like 401K and 403B allow you to withdraw up to 50% of your retirement funds for what is known as hardship withdrawal. Since you are dipping into your own savings, these do not attract any interest charges. For this there is no credit check done but you need a retirement plan through your employer. 
  1. Subprime lending – If your credit score is not so good you can always try to go to a subprime lender for a loan. The interest rate on these loans is however high and one must be cautious when taking these loans as they may put a financial strain on your pocket.  
  1. Double mortgage on home – Another way to get finance is to take out a double mortgage on your home. Using your home as a collateral you can raise the funds that you need at a much lower interest rate. 
  1. Family Loan – You can always borrow money from within your family for your needs and repay the same as per terms agreed with your family. 
  1. Online fundraising – There are many fund-raising pages online like GoFundMe, FundLy, Ketto etc where you can appeal for funds from public at large and since this is like an aid you need not return any money to anyone later. There is no credit check and you just need to register on the site and give out some basic information like name, email id, PayPal or bank account number and besides these there may not be any other special requirements needed for fund raising. 

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