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Dental insurance is a hot topic for everyone now a days. Let us start this blog with a simple statement – dental insurance saves money. Dental procedures are not necessarily budget friendly for most Americans and hence it is important to understand dental insurance and have a plan that is right for you. You can read our different blogs like Things you should know about your dental insurance, How to get the best out of your dental insurance and Preventive dental insurance to know the basics of dental insurance before you buy any dental insurance. 

Ensure Dental Care is a Preferred Provider Organization or PPO for Guardian Life Dental Insurance at Saginaw Texas and this blog is all you wanted to know about the plan. 

What is Guardian Life? 

Guardian Life is one the oldest insurance companies in the USA. It was created in the year 1860 and at that time it was called The Germania Life Insurance Company of America. It was renamed as The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America in 1918. After that it has never looked back. It has grown from strength to strength every year. It is a trusted name in the insurance market. It is a leading player in the dental insurance business.  

What is this PPO program and how will this benefit me? 

Guardian Life Dental Insurance brings to you a large pool of general dentists and specialists all over the country who you can visit for your dental needs at discounted costs. Guardian’s network has over 120,000 providers in 400,000 locations nationwide as per their website. 

The PPO program of Guardian Life Dental Insurance typically has an extensive network of providers that allows the patient to choose from among the in-network dentists. This does not mean you cannot visit an out of network dentist. It just means you pay less for the same treatment or procedure with an in-network dentist than an out of network dentist.   

PPOs cover a large number of services and procedures. Most plans pay all or most of the charges for checkups and cleanings. Not just that these plans lower your out of the pocket expenses. For example, a dental crown can cost $2000 or more but with a proper coverage plan it can be $700 or less. This example quoted here is just to give you an idea but need not be completely accurate as on the date of reading this blog. 

Not just this you can also get huge in-network discounts. Guardian Life Insurance negotiates with PPO dentists for discounts and can give huge discounts to the patient. The average discount Guardian Life Dental Insurance gives can be up to a whopping 36% as per their website.  

Guardian Life Dental Insurance plans 

Preventive care includes checkups, cleanings, routine x-rays and sometimes fluoride treatment while basic restorative care includes fillings and extractions. Root canals, dentures and bridges fall under major restorative procedures. Orthodontic treatment includes braces and aligners. As per their website Guardian Life Dental Insurance offers multiple plans to its customers which cover different procedures. – 

  1. Basic plans cover regular dental checkups at little or no cost. But they do not offer more than these. To get better coverage you can opt for other plans. 
  1. Mid-level plans – covers more than just the basic dental plans. 
  1. Full coverage plans – the most expensive but at the same time most comprehensive plan. Some may even cover orthodontic procedures that help you improve your smile. 

Guardian Life Dental Insurance offers individual plans as well as group dental plans. Group dental plans are generally taken by companies to cover their employees and can offer more services and better discounts than individual plans because your employer may also chip in a portion of the costs. 

How does it work? 

Well, if you have a Guardian Life Dental plan and you consult an in-network dentist you don’t have to pay the whole bill upfront and wait for reimbursement. You may have to pay some money out of pocket but definitely not all of it (this varies from plan to plan). 

In conclusion we would like to say a dental insurance from Guardian life will definitely mean a lot of savings on your dental costs. Make sure you read the finer details of any plan and what it covers and does not cover so that you choose a plan that suits your needs. We at Ensure Dental Care have established this tie up with Guardian Life Dental Insurance just to ensure you get the best dental services and the best prices with little or no hassles. 

Ensure Dental Care is the one of the best family dental clinics at Saginaw Texas offering professional and top-notch dental services to Guardian Life Dental Insurance customers. We are a family dentist near you. We have a very experienced and professional team of dental practitioners working non-stop to provide you the best service possible. Patients can benefit a lot because of this tie up. 

We also get patients from Fortworth. We accept all major insurance providers. We have an in-house payment plan and accept care credit too. Ensure Dental Care offers emergency dental services. Irrespective of the problem we offer same day emergency treatments. We entertain walk ins as well. If you wish to know more about this subject or you want to avail any of our services, please call Ensure Dental Care on 682-213-4114 for an appointment today.  

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and learnt something new today. Please recommend our blog, share it with your family and friends who may also benefit from this information.  

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