How to choose your toothbrush?

26th June is celebrated as the tooth brush day. It’s the day when toothbrush (the way we use it today) was invented in China in the year 1498. This was made of hog hair bristles on a bamboo stick. Today toothbrushes are inalienable part of our daily routines.

How do you choose your toothbrush? Do you think of the color or the price or choose one which is placed nearest in the aisle in the super market or do you get tempted by that TV commercial you last saw.

If you use any of the above criteria while picking up your toothbrush you have been doing it the wrong way all your life. The purpose of the toothbrush is to clean the teeth without hurting the gums or any soft tissue so this should be the guiding factor for you while buying that toothbrush.

Here we give you some tips on how to choose your toothbrush.

Size – Choose a toothbrush which has a head big enough to reach all the surfaces of all teeth (even teeth at the back). Ideally a head which is one inch tall and half an inch wide should be ok.

Strength – Make sure the handle of the brush is strong enough for you to hold the toothbrush comfortably.

Bristles – Toothbrushes can have hard, medium or soft bristles. Hard bristles can hurt your gums especially if you tend to put lot of pressure while brushing. Most dentists recommend soft bristles over hard ones. Bristles can also be straight or rounded. Straight ones have sharp jagged ends which can hurt your gums so best is go with rounded bristles. Now days there are angled bristles available too. Angled brushes aim at reaching as much surface area of the teeth as possible and are a good choice.

These are the main things to look out for while buying toothbrushes. Color, cost and availability can be secondary to these. Most toothbrushes now have a seal from American Dental Association so you can look for the ADA seal too.

You choose either electric or manual toothbrush but what is important is brushing the teeth twice a day and the right way too. Proper brushing technique is as important as choosing the right tooth brush. But that is a topic to be discussed another day.

Celebrate this toothbrush day by buying the right kind of toothbrush for yourself. For your other dental cares we are always available. 

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