How to get the best out of your Dental Insurance?

To be honest dental insurance does not come cheap and one must know how to get the best out of one’s dental insurance. After all, it is your hard earned money! Here we give you some tips that will save your money.

  1. Choose the right plan – Before you take a dental insurance, make sure you understand what the plan covers and does not cover and also read the fine print about any waiting periods or emergency service coverage, % of coverage for different procedures and treatment for pre existing issues. Choose the plan that suits your requirements the best and suit your pocket also.
  1. Most services that you may avail will not be classified as emergency so you would know about it before hand for example a root canal. Ask your insurance provider to give you a guesstimate. You may have to route your request via your dentist and the insurance company will give you a statement on what they will actually pay. This will help you plan your finances for the procedure well in advance without you breaking into a sweat later.
  1. Most insurance companies have an upper limit on the expenses for every policy holder in a year. Know that so that you can prioritize your procedures. They also have a cap on no. of visits, no. of routine procedures and no. of X-rays etc allowed in a year.
  1. Visit to a regular dentist is billed differently from a visit to a specialist.
  1. Check which services are covered 100% in your plan. These generally include your twice a year visit to the dentist for examination and cleaning. Don’t waste these as these benefits elapse every year in December.
  1. Go to an in network dentist to enjoy the highest coverage and reduced rates on anything you may have to spend out of your pocket.
  1. Prices for dental treatments can vary from dentist to dentist. Make sure you do a little research before settling on where and when to do your treatment.
  1. If you have a flexible spending account (FSA) in addition to your dental insurance use it for dental treatments before it expires.

You can take help from your dentist’s office to understand the plans better. They can also assist you information on costs of your dental treatments. Call us on 940-274-6181 for an appointment and we will guide you. Follow us on instagram @ensuredentalcaresaginawtx for more.