How to keep teeth pearly white with braces on?

So you just got your braces and now you are worried about keeping your teeth clean and sparkling white. Well you have come to the right place. Today we talk about how to keep teeth pearly white with braces on. 

First things first we congratulate you on getting your first set of braces and hope your journey towards straighter teeth is a wonderful one. One of the most common concerns people with braces have other than what can I eat, is how can I keep my teeth clean? So let us check out some measures to keep those teeth clean and bright. 

Brush Brush Brush 

Well one of the most obvious thing you must absolutely do is brush your teeth regularly to keep them clean. How regularly you ask? Well more than usual. Without braces it is generally recommended that you brush at least twice a day, but with braces on this frequency needs to go up. Brush every time you eat or drink something that can cause staining. Why you ask? Simple food particles tend to get stuck between not only the teeth but also the brackets of the braces making it a feast for the bacteria in the mouth. Also accumulation of drinks that stain the teeth like tea and coffee around the metal brackets of the braces can mean quicker staining of teeth. Simply brushing after intake of food and such drinks will take care of these problems keeping your teeth not only healthy but also sparkling white. Use an electric toothbrush or a proxy brush (also called inter dental brush). They do a much better job of cleaning underneath the wires than other kinds of brushes.  

Toothpaste and mouthwash 

Use a fluoride toothpaste which is non whitening and not abrasive. Preferably choose a toothpaste that has ADA seal of approval. With braces there is a higher risk of cavities so use a fluoride mouthwash for extra protection. Go for a mouthwash that does not have alcohol and also avoid whitening mouthwashes. Alcohol causes dry mouth which is a great environment for the bacteria in the mouth to thrive in resulting in more plaque, tartar and eventual cavities. 


Well flossing is an important part of our oral care routine but if you have braces then it becomes critical that you floss your teeth. With the braces on there are more chances of food particles getting trapped and decaying than in teeth without braces.  Use a floss threader to floss your teeth and do not pull or snap the same or you may prefer to use a water flosser. If you don’t know what water flossing is then we suggest you read our blog on water flossing.  

Avoid hard, sticky and chewy foods  

The decision to wear braces does not come without some compromises. You have to give up certain food items if you want your teeth to stay healthy and clean with braces on. So what are these foods that you need to give up? They are the hard sticky and the chewy candies for obvious reasons. It is best to also  avoid eating corn on the cob, caramel, hard taco shells, gums, ice chips and nuts to name a few because they can damage the components of your braces. Most modern braces are quite sturdy however it is best to avoid these food items to keep your teeth safe and strong.  

Don’t smoke and avoid teeth staining food 

Smoking is bad for teeth. But with braces on they can leave stains on the teeth. Same applies to food items like curry, tea, coffee and other kinds of drinks that stain the teeth. The reason to avoid the same is that teeth discoloration with braces on is a commonly reported problem and it is not recommended to get your teeth whitened with braces on because it can result in uneven shading because the chemicals cannot evenly spread between and underneath the brackets and wires. 

Don’t try DIY teeth whitening techniques 

Avoid whitening your teeth using DIY techniques like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and pulling oil etc. While these are safe for your teeth and you may also achieve the objective of whitening your teeth but these can potentially damage your ceramic and metal brackets. You can opt for professional teeth whitening by a dentist, however most dentists do not recommend that with traditional braces on. Your dentist may approve of the same if you have lingual braces or removable braces.   

Visit your dentist regularly 

This never gets said enough number of times but visiting a dentist regularly with braces on is mandatory. These visits are important to track the progress made by the braces on your teeth. Not only this, these visits also give you an opportunity to interact with your dentist to clarify your queries and doubts. Request your dentist to inform and advise you about fluoride treatments before and during braces. The fluoride treatment is a good option to protect the teeth from discoloration when you have braces.  

We hope this blog has been informative and useful for you and it makes you understand what is required of you to have that beautiful sparkling smile even with those ugly braces on. If you still have any queries you can always call Ensure Dental Care on 940-274-3229 for more information or to schedule an appointment. We are the family dentist near you. Ensure Dental Care is the one of the best family dental clinics at Saginaw Texas. We accept all major insurance providers. We also have in house payment plan. We have a very experienced and professional team of dental practitioners and we look forward to serving you to the best of our abilities.  

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