Importance of regular teeth cleanings

When was the last time you got your teeth cleaned at a dentist’s clinic?  Do you know that American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you must visit your dentist at least twice a year for a check up and professional dental cleaning? Despite this 28% Americans go without a dental checkup for more than 1 year. May be some of you are wondering if one brushes twice a day and flosses every day then why does one need to get teeth cleaned by a dentist? Let us understand what is this teeth cleaning done by the dentists and why is it important. 

What is teeth cleaning? 

This is a routine dental treatment. Your family dentist can do it so that your dental hygiene is maintained and improved if need be. Professional dental cleanings are extremely important for not just your oral health but also overall health. 

What happens during the teeth cleaning procedure? 

Your dentist will check your jaws and neck to see if there are any irregularities. He/ She may take an X-Ray too. After the external examination the dentist will then check your mouth for cavities, fillings, cracked teeth, any symptoms or signs of gum disease or oral cancer. Then the dentist will start the cleaning process. Using their tools, they will clean any plaque or tartar build up from the surface and in between the teeth. The dental hygienist may also use a floss for reaching the hard-to-reach areas. Finally, the dentist will polish the teeth to avoid any future problems. They may also for some patients do the fluoride treatment. In case they encounter any cavities or gum diseases or signs of any other problems they will advise suitable steps or treatments to you. 

Why is professional teeth cleaning important? 

Professional teeth cleaning is important for a number of reasons. Here we list the most important ones – 

  1. Despite having good oral hygiene, we end up eating food and drinking stuff that is harmful for teeth. For example, drinking too much tea, coffee or wine can stain our teeth. If we go for regular dental cleaning then these stains on the teeth can be removed leaving us with a whiter brighter smile. 
  1. Most gum diseases have no symptoms during the initial stages. And during this stage they are actually reversible. If you go for regular dental cleanings, you will have double benefit, one the cleanings will help prevent gum diseases and secondly incase there is a sign of occurrence of any gum disease it will be detected promptly and suitable treatment can be given immediately. Gum diseases in advanced stages are responsible for a number of problems including loss of teeth. Regular teeth cleaning can help prevent and treat the same. 
  1. Regular teeth cleaning ensures that you can get rid of any bad breath you may have. Bad breath can have a number of reasons like eating certain foods or drinks, bad habits like consumption of tobacco, poor oral hygiene and some health conditions like dry mouth. All these can be checked during the dental cleaning. 
  1. Good oral hygiene is linked to good cardiovascular health and also diabetes. With regular cleaning you can ensure that you take care of your oral hygiene and at the same time you are promptly warned of any problems that may be indicating a heart problem or diabetes etc. 
  1. Oral cancer kills. Early detection can help. Regular teeth cleanings can do just that. 
  1. The dentist can also check for cavities, broken fillings and fractures or cracked teeth during the cleanings which can then be fixed. 

How often should I get regular teeth cleanings? 

Recent studies have shown that people who are not at risk of any major health problems can visit the dentist once a year for dental cleaning and that will be sufficient to ensure prevention of gum diseases and potential tooth loss. If, however you are over the age of 50 years you must visit the dentist for teeth cleaning at least twice a year. People with health risks or exacerbated dental problems may be required to visit even more frequently. What’s more is that teeth cleanings come under preventive oral care and most insurance companies cover it so you can go for regular dental cleanings without worrying about the expenses. You will be not only taking care of your teeth but also not spending a bomb on the same.  

Your dental health is in your hands. A dental hygienist will help you keep your mouth healthy.  

We come back to the same question with which we started this blog today – When was the last time you got your teeth cleaned at a dentist’s clinic? Even if you think I don’t need it because I have a good oral hygiene or if you feel that you have not gotten your teeth cleaned in a long – long time so how do I start now, let us tell you it is never too late.  Call Ensure Dental Care on 940-274-3229 for a teeth cleaning appointment today 

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