Invisalign vs Six Month Smiles

Crooked, misaligned, overcrowded teeth not only spoil the look of our smile but can also be a problem in chewing our food properly, our speech and cleaning them is also not easy. This last reason can effectively increase our risk of dental problems and make us more prone to oral diseases. So straightening our teeth or proper alignment of our teeth is not just about aesthetics, it is also about taking care of our oral and consequently our overall health.  

A lot of people are nowadays conscious and aware of these issues associated with misaligned teeth and like to get them straightened. Many may have missed out on getting braces as children either due to lack of awareness, expenses involved, because they did not like the sight of metallic braces or simply because they did not realize the impact misaligned teeth could have on their looks, self esteem and professional prospects. 

Advances in dentistry technology, better understanding of teeth and commercialization of dental products coupled with awareness about impact of dental health has led to increase in the number of people going in for straightening of their teeth. Also there are a large variety of brands and products one can choose from.  

When it comes to braces other than the traditional metallic braces one is most likely to hear of the following 2 products – 

  1. Invisalign and 
  1. Six Month Smiles 

Today we will compare and contrast these 2 in order to help people better understand the similarities and differences between the two and make better choices for themselves. 


Invisalign is actually a brand name for clear aligners that are used for alignment of teeth. It is different from traditional braces in the methodology it uses to move the teeth. In metallic braces the metal brackets create the pressure to move teeth into their proper places while in invisalign clear aligners which are custom made are fitted tightly over the teeth which creates the pressure on teeth forcing them to move in place as desired. These aligners are removable and are changed every few weeks during the treatment process. 

Six month smiles 

This also is a brand which produces custom made – 

  1. Clear Braces – as the name suggests these are braces used to straighten teeth but unlike metal or ceramic braces they are clear i.e. they use clear brackets and tooth colored wires for better aesthetic look. 
  1. Aligners – Like Invisalign these are aligners which are clear or invisible. 

The company making invisalign was started in 1997 and six month smiles in 2006. However both are each other’s competitors in this space. Now before we compare the clear aligners from both these brands, it will important for us to distinguish between braces and aligners. 

Braces vs Aligners 

Braces consist of brackets held by wires which are affixed on our teeth. Wires are threaded through these brackets and they are held on to them with the help of rubber bands. It is the wires that keep pushing the teeth in the desired position gently. These are not removable. 

Aligners on the other hand are clear trays (like dentures) and fit directly over the teeth and are removable. Most aligners like invisalign and six month smiles are clear or invisible because they are made of materials that are transparent or very near the natural color of the teeth making them invisible and more aesthetically appealing to people. It is also easy to clean your teeth when you have aligners because they are removable. And one can eat whatever one wants with aligners unlike braces where they are some restrictions on what one can or cannot eat. 

Now that we have understood the differences between braces and aligners let us compare invisalign clear aligner and six month smiles clear aligner. 

There are more similarities between them than there are differences. Some of the major similarities are – 

  1. Both are pleasant to look at due to them being clear and invisible. 
  1. Treatment period for aligners is faster than metallic braces. 
  1. They are removable and hence one can eat what ones wishes to without worrying about food getting stuck in the bracket or wires. 
  1. Since they are removable one can easily maintain oral hygiene like brushing and flossing teeth unlike in metal braces which makes these basic activities very difficult. 
  1. They work best in cases of mild to severe cosmetic issues. 
  1. Both are preferred by adults and dentists also recommend them in simpler cases. 
  1. Both need to worn for 20 to 22 hours of the day for best results. 
  1. Even the cost of both six month smiles aligners and invisalign aligners is similar. 

The only major difference between invisalign and six month smiles aligners is – 

  1. Average treatment time claimed by six month smiles is well 6 months (although actual treatment time may vary from case to case) and for invisalign the average treatment time published is 1 year. There is another product called invisalign express which has been specially created to compete with the shorter treatment time of six month smiles.  

But if were to compare invisalign aligners and six month smiles clear braces there are many differences (as mentioned both aligners and braces are different products).  

Insurance companies generally consider Invisalign and Six Month Smiles treatments cosmetic, so they do not cover the treatment completely. There is a possibility that they consider covering part of the expenses but that depends on your insurance provider. 

In summary both invisalign and six month smiles aligners are more similar than different from each other. Both are effective products with excellent results. You can choose either of these for good results. 

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