Kids hate brushing? What can you do?

If you are a parent, you probably would have come across this very common issue. All kids hate to brush their teeth period. Well most of them at least. Here we try to give tips and tricks to resolve this problem.

The best way to tackle this problem is to understand why they hate it in the first place?

  1. It is boring
  2. It is boring
  3. It is boring

Yes that summarizes it. So all you need to really do is make it interesting for your kid. The next obvious question is how do I make brushing interesting for my child. Here are some ways to do it-

  1. Make a dance routine to go along with the brushing.
  2. Use rhymes and poems that your child loves to motivate them to brush.
  3. You can also brush along with your child. Children tend to learn from parent’s actions more than what they are being told to do.
  4. Make them aware of why brushing is important. This can be done easily through bedtime stories. Include brushing by the characters they love in all the stories that you tell about those characters.
  5. Make sure brushing twice a day becomes part of their daily routine. Consistency always helps in creating good habits.
  6. Appreciation by a parent can do wonders when it comes to inculcating good habits in children. Be appreciative of your child when they brush their teeth on their own without you having to coax or remind them about it.
  7. You could keep a chart for all the things you want your kid to do in a day and they can check it every time they finish their activity. If they finish all their activities on time as per the schedule decided reward them with a treat or a toy or whatever that your kid loves. Older kids may want more screen time or game time.
  8. Make brushing a mirror game, let them mirror all your actions of brushing to make it a fun activity.
  9. Let your children choose their toothbrushes. Give them a choice amongst some or let them pick up the one they like in your next drive to the supermarket. Giving them a choice empowers them and they will enjoy brushing more.
  10. Lastly never scold or associate any negative response with their misbehavior. Always encourage, coax and motivate.

You can come up with ideas of your own or mix and match the above on how to make brushing an interesting activity for your child because no one knows your child more than you do. We hope this blog helps you in some way to overcome this problem.

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