Benefits of MetLife Dental Insurance

We are all aware that most insurances work as a safety net for some unfortunate, unforeseen events and expenses. Dental costs are also one such expense and can be a strain on the pocket. Hence dental insurance is important. Dental insurance is a little different from other kinds of insurances in a way that it works more like a discount coupon.  

We have discussed different aspects of a dental insurance in a number of our blogs like Things you should know about your dental insurance, How to get the best out of your dental insurance and Preventive dental insurance. If any of these topics interest you, we encourage you to read these blogs too after reading this one. 

Ensure Dental Care is a Preferred Provider Organization or PPO for MetLife Dental Insurance and this blog is about the features and benefits of this program. 

MetLife companies have a rich experience of 153 years and are a recognized market leader in the field of savings solution, protection planning and retirement. MetLife offers different kinds of insurances like life, accident and health. They are trusted by millions of customers world-wide.  

What is this PPO program and how will this benefit me? 

MetLife Dental Insurance has tie ups with thousands of general dentists and specialists across the length and breadth of the country. We are proud to inform that Ensure Dental Care is one such Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) for MetLife Dental Insurance at Saginaw Texas. 

The PPO program of Metlife is designed in such a way that you the customer can not only save your money on dental treatments but also get to choose the dental services of any in network dentist of your choice with minimal paperwork involved.   

PPOs in general cover a large number of services and procedures; preventive care is often covered 100% with the in-network dentists. Other procedures can have different coverages ranging from 50% to 80% of the total cost. The coverage can also vary from plan to plan. 

We are aware how expensive dental care can be hence it is a good idea to invest in a dental insurance that helps prevent future major dental problems. The dental insurance which covers the cost completely or partially of any preventive measures comes under preventive dental insurance. These generally include:  

  1. Oral exams 
  1. Teeth cleanings 
  1. X-Rays 
  1. Fluoride treatments 
  1. Sealants 

With regular preventive checkups there is good chance that one is less likely to develop serious oral diseases like gum diseases, cavities, tooth decay etc. However, you must keep in mind the annual maximum of your dental insurance plan because you would not want to go overboard, otherwise you will end up spending from your pocket as well.  

What is more is that emergency dental care will be accessible to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In case you are not able to reach your preferred dentist you can always go to any licensed dental care professional. The extent of coverage and what constitutes emergency dental care may vary from plan to plan. Refer to your policy document for these details. 

If you need to meet a specialist you can always go to your preferred dentist if he/she provides the service or you can get a reference of a specialist who is also an in-network dentist from them. Also, you would not need any preauthorization and can directly call the specialist for the appointments.   

The best part of MetLife Dental Insurance’s PPO plans is there is absolutely no paperwork involved in getting your claims irrespective of whether you go to a dentist within their network or even outside their network. They have a secure website for their members offering a convenient service. 

How do I find a dentist who is in-network? 

You can search the online directory on the website of MetLife Dental Insurance ( You can search by zip code, names, specializations, locality and even languages.  

Ensure Dental Care your family dentist in Saginaw Texas just 15 minutes from Forth Worth Texas offering professional and top-notch dental services to MetLife Dental Insurance customers. We also accept other insurance providers. We do have inhouse payments plans too. We have a very experienced and professional team of dental practitioners working non-stop to provide you the best service possible. Patients can benefit a lot on the cost of dental expenses because the tie up offers negotiated fees, which can be typically 30-45% less than average costs offered by other dentists. 

We at Ensure Dental Care will take also take care of spreading your treatments across the whole calendar year in such a way that your out-of-pocket expenses are kept at the minimum.  

In conclusion we would like to say a dental insurance from Metlife can save you a lot of time, money, effort and pain in the long run. Please make sure you read the fine print in detail and understand what a plan covers and does not cover in order to choose the right plan for yourself and your family members. Also remember you save the most when you go to an in network dental service provider.  We at Ensure Dental Care have established this tie up with Metlife Dental Insurance with the express intention of offering you the dental services you deserve without having to worry about expenses or paperwork. 

If you want to take advantage of this, we suggest you give us a call on 682-213-4114 for an appointment today. You can always call Ensure Dental Care for any dental queries. Ensure Dental Care your Saginaw Dentist offers emergency dental services. Regardless of your issue we offer same day emergency treatments. We entertain walk ins also. Choose MetLife Dental Insurance and choose Ensure Dental Care. 

We accept all other major insurance providers also. We also have in house payment plan.  

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