Most Common Dental Problems

So, you have a dental problem! Well, you are not alone. As per the CDC more than 1 in 4 adult Americans suffer from tooth decay and nearly half of the total adults also show signs of gum disease of varying severity. Let us find out some of the most common dental problems prevalent in USA and the possible causes behind them. 

  1. Tooth Decay  

You probably know tooth decay by its common name i.e., cavities. Today tooth decay is so common in the USA that it is second only to the common cold in occurrence. When we eat food, the bacteria in our mouth form a sticky film over the teeth and break down the sugars in the food to produce acids that harm the enamel. This erosion of enamel finally results in tooth decay.  Tooth decay is not restricted to only young children and it can occur at any age. The best method to avoid getting cavities is brush twice a day, floss at least once and visit your dentist once in 6 months. Also not eating food and drinks loaded with sugar like candies, sodas etc. helps. In severe cases root canals or removal of the decayed tooth may be the only possible solution. 

  1. Gum Diseases 

The plaque buildup on the teeth can also lead gum diseases. The first stage of the gum disease is called gingivitis and is reversible. It is important to go for regular dental checks because most gum diseases hardly show any symptoms during this early stage and can only be diagnosed by a dentist. Regular check up would mean earlier diagnosis and early treatment of the problem. Over time if gum diseases are not treated, they can become severe and irreversible, at this stage they are known as periodontitis. Periodontitis is characterized by red, swollen, tender and at times bleeding gums. Studies have shown a link between periodontitis and heart problems. People who smoke or suffer from dry mouth or diabetes are more at risk of developing gum diseases. 

  1. Bad breath 

Bad breath can be an embarrassing problem. Halitosis or bad breath is another very common dental problem occurring in the USA. In most cases persistent bad breath is not due to the result of eating some particular food item but instead is associated with some underlying dental problem. The reason behind bad breath can be gum diseases, cavities, dry mouth, bacteria on the tongue or even oral cancer. Mouth washes can only provide temporary reprieve for bad breath. In case of chronic bad breath, the only solution is to fix the underlying dental problem. Visit your dentist in case you suffer from persistent or regular bad breath.  

  1. Mouth Sores 

Many people complain frequently about sores in the mouth which can be painful and bothersome making it difficult to eat or drink as one wants to. Sores can be of different kinds like canker sores which occur inside the mouth, cold sores that occur mostly on lips and thrush which is a yeast infection commonly occurring in people suffering from cancer or diabetes. Also found in infants and people who wear dentures. You may develop a sore for many reasons like bite on your tongue, lip or soft inners of the mouth. Some friction with a hard object while eating or brushing too hard can also cause sores. Dentures or consumption of tobacco can also be reasons behind development of sores in the mouth. Canker sores can be due to deficiency of Vitamin B12 and folate or hormonal changes. It can also occur in people who have weak immune systems. Minor mouth sores do not need treatments and can go away on their own within a fortnight or so. But if the sores continue past this it is best to visit your health provider. 

  1. Toothaches and other emergencies 

Other common dental problem encountered by dentists is toothache. The reasons behind a toothache can be tooth abscesses, fractured or chipped tooth or tooth that is knocked out. Tooth abscess is caused due to bacterial infection in the pulp of the tooth. To know more about tooth abscesses read our blog with the same title.  

A tooth can be break or chip due to an accident or due to dental erosion. Dental erosion occurs due to acids attacking the tooth enamel. This most certainly needs an intervention from the dentist, so visit one as soon as possible. They may prescribe antibiotics and pain killers depending on the problem. For chipped teeth again depending on the case crowns, veneers, root canals may may be recommended. For knocked out teeth partial dentures and implants may be the way to go. 

It is important to note that toothaches are generally only a symptom of some other dental problem and requires careful investigation and treatment for long term solution. 

Besides the above-mentioned problems there are others like tooth sensitivity, teeth staining, gap between the teeth and crooked teeth that are very commonly faced by people.   

How many of the above problems have you faced in your life till now? Almost all of these are preventable with proper dental hygiene. Most of them are treatable if diagnosed well in time. Your dental health is in your hands. Make sure you take the best care of it. 

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