Myths About Clear Aligners

When it comes to the subject of teeth straightening most of us have heard of the term braces but how many of us know about clear aligners? In this blog we talk about what are clear aligners and some common myths associated with them. 

What are Clear aligners? 

Clear aligners as the name suggests are clear or invisible (because they are made of transparent materials or a color matching the natural color of the teeth) and are dentures like in a way because these clear trays fit directly over the teeth and are removable. They are also used for teeth straightening and yet are very different from braces. Clear aligners definitely have some clear benefits over the traditional braces. Read our blog Invisalign vs Six month smiles to understand more about the differences between braces and clear aligners.  

What are some common myths associated with clear aligners? 

Myth 1 – Clear aligners are good only for simple to moderate orthodontic conditions. 

Fact – While dentists generally recommend them for simpler orthodontic conditions more often than not the above statement is untrue. Clear aligners are generally very much suitable for severe or complicated orthodontic cases also. With advances in technology their performance has improved considerably especially in complex cases. However another fact remains that they do exert lesser force as compared to metal braces and may not be the most appropriate solution in some cases.   

Myth 2 – Clear aligners are expensive. 

Fact – Well there are many people who believe that clear aligners are expensive and that holds them back from even enquiring about clear aligners as a possible solution for their teeth problems. In all honesty clear aligners generally speaking have comparable prices to the usual metal braces. In fact they may be cheaper too (this will depend from case to case). If this is one of your concerns we advise you to speak to your dentist about the cost comparison. 

Myth 3 – I will have to change my diet if I use clear aligners. 

Fact – This statement cannot be further than the truth. In fact if you have metallic braces on you may have some restrictions on what you can or cannot eat but not so in case of clear aligners. If you recall we mentioned earlier that these clear aligners are like dentures and can be removed so there is no restriction at all on what you can or cannot eat while your treatment is going on. You must only remember to remove them before eating anything that you wish to eat. 

Myth 4 – I will have a lisp or speaking difficulties if I use clear aligners. 

Fact – If this doubt has been bothering you rest assured that using clear aligners has not impact on your speech. Yes, you may have some initial difficulty in speaking while you get adjusted to the aligners. However you will be back to speaking normally as you would usually do in a couple of days. 

Myth 5 – Clear aligners are not as effective as traditional braces. 

Fact – This is not true. Clear aligners are as effective as traditional braces. The only difference between the two is the mechanism of putting pressure on the teeth and their aesthetics differ. However when it comes to functionality both braces and clear aligners are as effective as each other. If you have been thinking of straightening your teeth and considering your options then you must consider clear aligners too. They have some benefits over the traditional braces and you could read more about it in detail in our blogs Ceramics vs Invisalign and Invisalign vs Six month smiles. 

Myth 6 – Clear aligners take much longer time to straighten the teeth than traditional metal or ceramic braces. 

Fact – We are not sure what the origin of this myth is but we can confirm that this is a myth for sure. In reality clear aligners have a far better record of fixing crooked teeth in much lesser time than the traditional braces. Clear aligners tend to give the desired results anywhere between six months to one year (in some cases it may be more) in most cases much much earlier than any traditional braces would do. 

Myth 7 – Clear aligners are to be worn occasionally and I need not wear them constantly. 

Fact – Clear aligners needs to be worn at least 22 hours in a day every day till your dentist says no. You are however supposed expected to remove them while you eat, brush or floss your teeth and in case you happen to be playing any close contact sports then also it is advised to remove the clear aligners. You should also not smoke or drink while they are on. Once these activities are done you should put them back on.  

Well these 7 are the most common myths surrounding clear aligners. We hope we have debunked them effectively for you. There are other myths too however that is a topic for another day. In short we advise you to speak to your dentist and figure out what is the best option for straightening your teeth. Clear aligners do have some obvious advantages over the traditional braces and we hope you will clear your doubts regarding the same and consider using clear aligners for yourself. 

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