Pediatric Oral Health FAQs

Oral health is an important part of children’s overall health. Children face the same if not more dental issues as adults do. As per CDC more than 13% of children between the ages of 5 years to 9 years have untreated cavities. Are your aware that 20% children aged between 5-11 years have at least one untreated decayed tooth and 1 out of 7 adolescents aged between 12-19 years have at least one untreated decayed tooth? ADA recommends that all parents must be aware of children’s oral health and take care of it till the child is old enough to understand and take care of it himself. Today we talk of some common and frequently asked questions that we encounter about pediatric oral health. 

Q: How is family dentistry and pediatric dentistry different from one another? 

A: While family dentist refers to a dentist who can take care of the oral issues of all age groups of people pediatric dentistry confines itself to only children of all ages in its scope of work. A pediatric dentist is a specialist who specializes in the oral health issues of children from infants to adolescents including those who have special needs. This requires the dentists to train for a couple of more years than regular dentists. A family dentist on the other hand is more likely to be aware of common dental problems that run in the family as compared to a pediatric dentist. Read more about it in our blog Pediatric Dentistry

Q: Are children’s milk teeth really important? They fall off eventually giving way to permanent teeth so is oral care really important with children having only milk teeth? 

A: Primary or milk teeth are very important. They help children speak and chew properly. And also, they make way for the eruption of the permanent teeth. 

Q: When do we start using toothpaste for children? 

A: Start brushing their teeth as soon as the first tooth appears. Use as fluoride toothpaste and a toothbrush having ADA seal and acceptance. Use the following measures depending on the age of the child – 

  • < 2 years – grain sized. 
  • From 2 to 4 years – pea sized. 
  • 5 and above – bean sized. 

Read our blog Keeping your child’s teeth healthy and Things all parents must know about baby teeth for more details depending for age related oral care tips. 

Q: When should I take my child for the first dental check-up? 

A: As soon as the first teeth erupts your child is ready for their first dental visit. 

Q: What do I do if my child has a toothache? 

A: Rinse the area with water and use a cold compress if there is a swelling. In case of severe pain give a pain medication approved for children (not aspirin). Then try and visit a dentist as soon as possible. 

Q: My children play a lot of rough sports? How do I protect their teeth? 

A: Mouthguards are the thing for you. You can choose between ready made guards that are available over the counter or get them custom made from a pediatric dentist. 

Q: What can I add to my child’s diet to make it healthy for teeth? 

A: Let your child have sufficient fruits and vegetables along with fish, meat, eggs, cereals and dairy products. Avoid sugary and starchy stuff. 

Q: My kid hates brushing his teeth, Help! 

A: This is a very common query we get and we have dedicated an entire blog on this subject called – Kids hate brushing? What can you do? 

Q: What to do if a kid knocks off a permanent tooth? 

A: Firstly, keep calm, locate the broken tooth. Don’t touch the root of the tooth. Try to insert it in the cavity if you can. If not, put it in a glass of milk and rush to an emergency near-by. 

Q: When do babies start teething? And what care can I take? 

A: Babies are teething from the age of 6 months to up to 3 years of age. For how to care read our blog – Baby Teething Comforting Tips. 

Q: How often do children need a dental checkup? 

A: Kids needs a dental checkup as often as adults which is every 6 months. In case of any special needs this frequency may vary. 

Q: Is thumb sucking or use of a pacifier bad for teeth? 

A: It can be bad for the erupting permanent teeth if the child does not stop these habits by the age of 3 years. Take the advice of a pediatric dentist for more.  

It is important that you inculcate good oral habits in children from a very young age. They will thank you later as they grow up. Oral health has a deep connection with overall health. Healthy teeth mean a healthy body too. Teach your children the importance of good oral care. We at Ensure Dental Care love our little patients and we hope you will be visiting us soon. 

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