Preventive Dental Insurance

Let us begin by understanding what Preventive Dental Care is and how insurance companies in US generally cover preventive dental care. By the end of this blog hopefully we will be able to answer the very frequently asked query and that is – Do I need insurance to get preventive dental care?

Preventive Dental Care

Simply put preventive dental care also called preventive dentistry is all that one can do to prevent serious periodontal diseases like cavities, gum diseases, enamel wear and much more. Preventive dental care encompasses all those actions that help one keep one’s teeth healthy throughout our lives. We already know that good oral care is critical to overall health of an individual and we also know prevention is always better than cure; hence preventive dentistry is also important to maintain good oral health.

Your role in preventive dental care

Well some actions like brushing twice a day, flossing our teeth and rinsing our mouth with water every time we eat or brush are some of the things which one can do to take care of our teeth. Other actions which solely depend on us include eating healthy diet, avoiding acidic food, drinking sufficient water, avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.

Role of dentists in preventive dental care

Besides the above mentioned things there are other things that come under preventive dental care which involve your family dentist along with you and these are as follows –

  1. Regular oral exams – It is important to visit your dentist at least once in 6 months to prevent any small problems from snowballing into bigger diseases.
  2. Regular teeth cleaning – While brushing and flossing can be done regularly at home, we still cannot avoid formation of plaque and tartar and need the help of an expert to remove it at regular intervals.
  3. Routine X-Rays – It is important along with regular oral exams to get routine X-Rays done as oral exams even by a professional dentist may miss if there is a problem brewing in the insides of your teeth and gums.

It is important to note that preventive dental care is different for children and for adults. In children it involves promoting good dental habits, preventing crooked teeth due to thumb or pacifier sucking, fluoride applications besides regular 6 monthly check ups.

 Who among dentists can provide preventive dental care?

Dentistry is now a very diverse field of science and involves different specialties like oral surgery, sports dentistry and forensic odontology etc. Not all of these can provide preventive dental care. Generally a general dentist or a pediatric dentist is the one who provides preventive dental care.

Role of Insurance in preventive dental care

We all know dental works can be expensive so investing in an insurance that helps prevent major problems at a later stage is a very good idea. That dental insurance which covers the cost fully or partially of any preventive measures constitutes as preventive dental insurance. These generally include –

  1. Oral exams
  2. Teeth cleanings
  3. X-Rays
  4. Fluoride treatments
  5. Sealants

Most dental plans cover preventive care. However when you choose any dental plan make sure you read the fine print on which diagnostic and preventive services are covered by the insurance provider. The percentage of cost coverage may vary from plan to plan and must be considered before taking one.

Benefits of preventive dental care insurance

Preventive dental care insurance is a win win for you and your insurance provider. The benefits for you include –

  1. With regular preventive care you are less likely to develop serious oral diseases like periodontal diseases, cavities etc.
  2. With regular checkups any dental problem will be diagnosed early and can be nipped in the bud before it becomes serious.
  3. Early diagnosis can not only prevent serious diseases it also means less cost for you when it comes to treatments. As the saying goes a stitch in time save nine.
  4. You save not only money but the time and energy which you would need to spend chasing cures for serious diseases. Preventive dental care saves time, energy and money.

For the insurance provider the benefits include –

  1. They can save on big payouts for serious diseases as they incentivize preventive care which is much cheaper.

Do I need insurance to get preventive dental care?

Now to come to the question with which we originally started – Do I need insurance to get preventive dental care? Our assessment is a big yes. An individual benefits a lot by taking preventive dental care insurance. Not only do you prevent serious oral conditions which can impact your overall health but you save a lot of money, time and effort which goes into combating these diseases. This is not to say preventive dentistry gives a 100% coverage. There are limits to which preventive dental care can be insured and if one exceeds those limits one will have to pay out of his or her own pocket. But inspite of this cost of preventive dental care is more likely to be much much lesser than the cost associated with poor oral hygiene which can only grow exponentially. It is also important to note that preventive dentistry does not mean you will never need a filling or a root canal or some other procedure generally reserved for a serious disease, it only means with an insurance in your hand you are more likely to not feel the financial burden of it. Ensure Dental Care is the preferred provider organization for –

  1. Metlife Dental Insurance
  2. Guardian Life Dental Insurance
  3. Aetna Dental Insurance
  4. United Health Care

We also accept other insurance providers. If you need more information call Ensure Dental Care, your family dentist at Saginaw Texas on 940-274-3229 and schedule an appointment today. Ensure Dental Care is the one of the best family dental clinics at Saginaw Texas. Follow us on instagram @ensuredentalcaresaginawtx for offers, deals and more and if you liked this blog do share it with your family and friends.