Soda Vs Teeth

Love sodas! 

Who does not love sodas? We all do and most of us have indulged in sodas for majority part of our adult lives. But do we know how sodas impact our teeth? Many of us are aware that sodas are harmful for health but here we talk about the detrimental impact of sodas on our dental health. Sodas can lead to weight gain, obesity and even type 2 diabetes and also cavities and tooth decay. Yes, you guessed it right when it comes to soda vs teeth, our teeth lose. No surprises here.  Let us explore in what way soda affects our teeth and what can we do to protect our teeth. 

What happens when you drink soda? 

Soda consists mostly of sugar (corn syrup), caffeine, phosphoric and citric acid and carbonated water along with other ingredients. When one consumes sodas the sugar in the sodas comes in contact with the bacteria in the mouth and these bacteria break down the sugars to release acids which eat away the outermost layer of the teeth the enamel. The acids the sodas create also make the environment in the mouth acidic which helps the bad bacteria in the mouth and gives them an opportunity to attack not just our teeth but also our gums. You will be surprised to know that even so-called sugar free drinks contain lot of acids that cause of erosion of teeth. 

Impact of soda on teeth 

2 major impacts of soda on teeth are – 

  1. Erosion of enamel – The acids and broken-down sugar from the sodas erodes the enamel which is the protective layer of our teeth.  
  1. Cavities – Sodas can also affect the layer beneath the enamel that is the dentin causing caries or cavities which if not treated at the appropriate time can lead to permanent loss of teeth eventually. 

How do I protect my teeth? 

The best solution for this is to give up soda and try alternative drinks (not sugar free mind you). Sugar free drinks don’t have sugar but they still have the acids that the normal sodas have. The best alternative is plain water followed by sparkling water. Even milk is good option. If, however you cannot kick the habit of drinking the soda there are a number of things you can still do to protect your teeth. There are as follows – 

  1. Reduce the consumption of sodas slowly replacing them with teeth friendly drinks. 
  1. Drink sodas in moderation. Don’t consume large quantities of sodas. 
  1. Drink quickly. Don’t sip around. The faster you drink, the lesser time the drink gets in the mouth to cause damage. 
  1. Use a straw to drink – using a straw to drink will minimize the contact of the drink and the teeth. 
  1. Rinse with water – Rinse your mouth with plain water after drinking a soda to wash away any residue on your teeth. Do this every time you drink a soda. 
  1. Avoid sodas and other sugary drinks just before bedtime so that they do not wreak havoc in your mouth during the night time.  
  1. Wait for half to one hour before brushing your teeth – If you brush your teeth immediately after consuming a soda you may be doing more harm than good because the teeth are vulnerable and the friction from the hard bristles and brushing action can erode the enamel further. 
  1. You can also eat dairy products like cheese and milk post the soda as these help neutralize the acids. 
  1. You can increase the alkalinity in your mouth by eating more vegetables like bell peppers, kale, broccoli, spinach, green beans etc. and cutting down the breads and grains which are acidic in nature.  
  1. Drink fluoridated water. It protects teeth, reduces cavities and prevents formation of new ones. 
  1. Always visit your dentist regularly. Many teeth and gum diseases do not have many symptoms till they become severe. Regular dental check ups will ensure early diagnosis and treatment which can save you money and pain too. 

The consumption of sodas has been increasing steadily since the 1940s. As per CDC men are more likely to drink sodas than women. Kids are not just drinking sodas they are guzzling them down, the consumption of soda for teenagers was 16 ounces daily in 1977. The same had risen to 28 ounces daily in 2001. These sodas are not just increasing cavities but also increasing risk of obesity, diabetes and hyperactivity in the children. 

It is in the interest of our and our children’s dental and overall health to decrease soda consumption as much as possible and eliminate it eventually. Soft Drinks are not a healthy choice of beverage. We can only advise you to cut down sugars and diligently check what goes into the things that you eat and drink. Get back the control of your dental health. Be mindful of your eating and drinking habits and practice good oral hygiene. Soda vs teeth is one fight our teeth must win. It is now up to us to ensure our teeth’s victory. Start working on this today and your teeth will eventually win this battle.  

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