Things you should know about your dental insurance

Dental Care is of utmost important because dental health is an indicator of the overall health of a person. However dental care does not come cheap, even routine checkups can be a burden on one’s pocket not to mention preventative care and treatments for diseases and injuries. In a world driven by the face cosmetic dentistry has also become a need be it alignment or straightening of teeth or whitening of teeth.

Dental insurance is one the best investments one can make if one wants to transfer this burden of cost and reduce the financial impact of these costs on oneself.

So what are the things one must look out for while buying dental insurance –

  1. Most insurances work as a safety towards unforeseen events or expenses however dental insurance works more like a discount coupon so if it is not used within the time frame provided the benefits arising from it lapse. So make sure you use your insurance before it lapses.
  2. Make sure you study the insurance plan carefully on what is covered and what is not to ensure you get the best out of the deal.
  3. Most plans cover preventative care but not all cover 100% of the costs. The rate of coverage for fillings, extractions etc may be only 80% which means you will have to pay for the rest.
  4. Implants, root canals like restorative services are covered but may have a cover of only 50%.
  5. Most cosmetic treatments including braces etc are generally not covered.
  6. There can be a waiting period before your dental plan becomes active.
  7. You policy may cover new diseases or pre existing ones too but some may not.
  8. To take advantage of a dental plan most require that they stay in effect for at least one year.
  9. Some plans may expect you to go see a dentist in their network.
  10. Indemnity plans are generally more expensive than other plans.
  11. Choose your insurance provider carefully because many dental care centers including us at Ensure Dental accept major insurance providers
  12. Compare similar plans as well as group and individual policies so that you choose the one which is best and most suitable for you at a price you can afford. Read the fine print before signing.

You can take help from your dentist’s office to understand the plans better. At Ensure Dental Care, Saginaw TX, other than major insurance providers, we accept credit card too. We also have in house payment plans which can assist you to cover the costs of your dental treatments. Call us on 940-274-3229 for an appointment to better understand these plans. Follow us on instagram @ensuredentalcaresaginawtx for more.