Tips for Healthy Summer Smiles

It’s summer time! 

Summer is here! Summer means ‘Get Outside’ for Americans if you did not know it already. Local parks are hubs of activity with people coming from all over for playing, swimming, picnics or just hanging out with friends. And of course, who can forget the festivals in summer. All across the USA people enjoy merry making at beer festivals, music festivals, food festivals and more. People go for hiking and boating and all kinds of fun activities. 

Many a times all these outdoor activities can adversely impact our oral hygiene and therefore it is very important for us to take care of our teeth and our beautiful smiles during the summer season. And we are here to give you some tips to make sure your smile stays healthy and bright during the summer and even after it is over. 

Tips to keep our summer smiles healthy 

  1. Maintain a routine – Make sure no matter where you go whether parks or festivals or hiking stick to your oral care routines. Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. Floss every day and use a mouthwash. This is especially for the kids in the family also. Don’t let your summer routines change your oral care practices. 
  1. Drink plenty of water instead of sodas and sugary drinks– Stay hydrated all the time. Hot summer days means loss of hydration. We need to drink more than usual amount of water to keep our bodies hydrated. And your teeth also will benefit from hydration. Hydration helps form saliva. Less water can mean less saliva leading to dry mouth. Dry mouth can in turn lead to bad breath so keep that at bay and grab a water bottle when you feel thirsty. The normal tendency to cool oneself down during summers is to go for that wine or the soda. Avoid it. Sugary drinks and sodas are bad news for your teeth. Read our blog Soda vs teeth to know more about the subject. Water is a tooth friendly drink and can wash away the food debris in our mouth. If you are a tea or a coffee drinker then make it a point to rinse your mouth with water afterwards to prevent staining of the teeth. 
  1. Say no to sugary snacks – We know how harmful sugary snacks can be. Read our blog How does sugar affect teeth to know more in detail. Sugary snacks are tempting and easy to grab while at a beach or at the park but choose your snack wisely. Stock up on healthy snacks. Choose fresh fruits over processed sugar snacks. You can also pack nuts, cheeses etc. to fill your tummy during the hunger pangs. Snack smarter. 
  1. Get mouthguards – If you or your children are into contact sports then a mouthguard is a must have in the summers. The more the sports more are the chances of injuries. Sports injuries are the leading cause of chipped teeth, broken and fractured teeth and fractured teeth roots. And all of these can be prevented if one uses a mouthguard. So, make a little investment and buy an appropriate mouthguard at the beginning of the summer season. Our blog Benefits of wearing mouth guards in contact and collision sports will help you understand the importance of mouthguards in contact sports. Do read it.  
  1. Get a tooth whitening procedure done – Despite all precautions it is still possible that all the eating and drinking out can lead to staining of teeth so make sure you go to your dentist and undergo a tooth whitening procedure. It is safe, easy and quick. Read our blog Is teeth whitening safe and Teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide to help you decide if you want one. 
  1. Get a dental check done – This is for kids whose schools may demand a back-to-school dental visit. Better to get it done during the summer than wait till the time when the schools are just about to begin. The dental clinics may have a rush during that time making it difficult to visit. 

We hope these tips help you keep you summer smiles healthy. So now you can go to those BBQs or invite family and friends over for a luncheon, you can visit museums of history and science with kids and grown ups or take that road trip and drive somewhere for the long weekends or do something cross country and you can rest assured that your teeth will stay healthy and your smiles beautiful if you only follow the above-mentioned tips. We wish you happy summers and lots of fun!   

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