Types of Braces

Did you know that at any given time there are at least 4 million Americans wearing braces? Most of us are aware that braces are a means to straighten misaligned teeth. They apply slow and steady pressure on the teeth and this moves them into the desired position. Braces are advised not just to create that perfect smile but also a proper bite. It helps correct overbites, underbites, crossbites and more. Also, the teeth straightened by braces are easier to clean than crooked teeth and go a long way in contributing towards overall oral health. What kind of braces will suit your needs will depend on the problem being corrected? Even though your orthodontist will advise what is the best kind of braces for you one is still spoilt for choices and the prices of braces can range from $3000 to $10000. So it is important that you also become aware about what are the different kinds of braces available in the market and this information will help you make an informed choice about what braces should you actually go with. If you are in Saginaw Tx please call Ensure Dental Care and we will guide about the same. Our number for appointment is listed below. 

Types of braces 

Coming back to the types of braces, the following are the major types of braces available – 

  1. Traditional metal braces – These braces are made up of metal brackets and wires made of high-quality steel. The arch wire attached on the brackets puts pressure on the teeth moving them into the desired position. When one thinks of braces there is a good chance that you will be thinking of traditional metal braces. While these are still one of the most effective kinds of braces around but many people especially adults do not prefer this because of aesthetics reasons. Treatment time is generally the shortest with these conventional braces. 
  1. Ceramic braces – In these braces instead of metal tooth-colored ceramics are used making it more appealing to the eye as compared to the traditional metal braces. These are also known as clear braces because they are almost invisible and hard to notice. In their functionality they are as good as the traditional metal braces but can be a little costly compared to the traditional metal braces. And because they are made of ceramics, they are prone to staining if not take well care of. 
  1. Lingual braces – These are the same as traditional metal braces but the only thing differing here is that these braces are attached to the back of the teeth unlike other braces which are attached to the front of the teeth. Aesthetics wise they are great because no one can know that you are wearing braces however they are not as effective as the traditional metal or ceramic braces hence the treatment time needed to align the teeth will be more in the case of lingual braces. The other problem with these braces is that it comes in direct and constant contact of the tongue which can be uncomfortable. Also, because they are attached to the back of the teeth, they are not easiest to clean. 
  1. Aligners like Invisalign – These are very different from the usual braces and a preferred choice of aligners in adults because they are almost invisible. They are also called clear aligners. These are custom made and do not have brackets or wires. Instead, they have mouthguard like clear trays that are worn over the teeth to push them as per requirement. They need to be replaced every 2 to 3 weeks as the shape of the mouth changes. These are not suitable for everyone as they are good for people looking for correcting minor misalignments. They are not recommended for serious dental problems. Their biggest benefit is that they are clear and allow the wearer to eat and drink anything they want. 
  1. Self-ligating braces – These are a special kind of traditional metal braces. These do not use elastic bands to hold the wire of the brace but instead they use clips. These are a better version of traditional metal braces and hence can be more expensive as compared to the traditional metal braces. 

How do I choose my braces? 

  1. Aesthetics – Braces can make people self-conscious hence this can be guiding factor in choosing the braces. Metal braces, colored braces and clear braces are all available for a patient to choose from. 
  1. Budget – Some braces are more expensive than others and this can be a deciding factor for some. 
  1. Treatment time – The treatment time will vary depending on the problem being corrected as well as the braces chosen. Some are more effective than others thereby reducing the total treatment time. 
  1. Hygiene and food choices – Some braces are easier to clean than others and with some you may have to alter your diet too.  

At the end of the day however this decision on which braces to choose has to be made by you in consultation with your dentist. Hope this blog was useful to you. If you enjoyed reading the blog, then don’t forget to recommend and share it with your family and friends who may also benefit from this information.  

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