What to do after braces removal?

So, it is time to get your braces removed! And you are anxious about what comes during and after the removal of braces. We hope this blog allays all your fears and concerns about what to expect during and post removal of braces and how to take care.   

Does it hurt? 

Braces are used for straightening teeth and once the time is right and the braces have fulfilled the objectives set at the beginning then they need to be removed. This could be a few months or few years after you started wearing braces. 

The foremost question on people’s mind is – does it hurt to get braces removed? Well, the answer is most people do not experience any pain during the process of removal of braces however people do experience discomfort. If you happen to be one of those who find the process painful, your orthodontist will be more than happy to prescribe over the counter medication like ibuprofen to manage the pain. It is important to note here braces need to be removed by a professional orthodontist and cannot be done on your own.  

During the removal process the dentist will remove the brackets, the metal wires and any bands. Usually, braces can be removed in a single sitting of one hour or so and do not need more than one appointment.  

What next after removal of braces? 

Normally immediately after removal of braces the dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth (there are good chances that food would have been stuck in the braces even if you have been cleaning your teeth properly).  The dentist will then polish your teeth with a grinder to ensure all adhesive used to fix the brackets is removed completely. This may be followed by few x-rays to check if the braces have done their job right. A dentist will then take a digital impression of your teeth to make a retainer for you. A retainer is a device used after removal of braces to make sure that your teeth do not shift. Retainers can be fixed or removable but are very important part of the process. If not used properly your teeth can become misshapen once again. 

Here are some other things you may notice post removal of braces – 

  1. Calluses – You may notice calluses where there was sensitive skin once on the inside of the lips. There is nothing to worry about here, they generally go away on their own. 
  1. Eating weird – After having gotten used to eating with braces it will feel a little weird to eat after the removal of braces. And guess what you can go back to eating anything again, no restrictions. However, a word of advice – make sure you eat healthy as much as possible. 
  1. Oral care – Having removed the braces you can now brush and floss your teeth without any difficulty. No more metal brackets and wires creating obstacles in the way. But make sure you don’t take your oral care routine lightly. Ensure you are brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day and floss at least once a day. You can also use a mouthwash. 
  1. Tenderness – Once the braces are off, you may feel that your teeth are a little tender and sensitive. It generally goes away on its own once you get adjusted to your new set of even teeth. 
  1. Discoloration of teeth – Due to long usage of braces there are chances that your teeth may be a little discolored. There may also be some calcification. Speak to your dentist about how it can be addressed. You can ask for teeth whitening treatment also. 

You may need some follow up appointments to make sure your retainers fit properly and the teeth are not becoming misshapen again. Some people may even need more orthodontic treatments like partial braces, spacers and others.  

In some cases, there may be complications like gum recession and jaw problems like the TMJ disorder. Please contact your orthodontist if you observe the symptoms like tissue around the teeth near the gums pushed back or wearing away or any clicking sound of the jaw and if facing any difficulty in chewing. 

Make sure you are following your dentist’s instruction on how and how often to use your retainers. Getting your braces off can be a very exciting time but at the same time you must take care of your teeth so that you do not undo all the hard work and pain you underwent with your braces on.  

All in all, one can say that it will take some time for you to get used to your new beautiful even teeth. Till then keep smiling. 

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