When to go to the Dentist?

Hi! How are you doing today? A lot of times we are unsure about whether we should visit a dentist or not? Whether we should wait the problem out and if it will go away with some home remedies? Have these questions crossed your mind ever? If yes, let us tell you that you are not the only one. Almost all of us have been in situations where we have wondered – Do I go to the dentist or not? Ever wondered if you could get this information somewhere. Fret not, we in this blog will outline some situations where you must make sure that you call and fix up that appointment with your dentist.  

The different scenarios when you should visit a dentist are as follows – 

  1. Toothache – Is your tooth aching? Well, that is a good time to visit the dentist. Most toothaches are caused by cavities or decay in the teeth. While some can also be caused by cracks and fractures and falling off of restorations or fillings. In some cases, you may experience inflamed gums, sensitivity while eating food. The pain may be dull or severe. It may be constant or coming and going.  If you want to avoid further damage to the tooth it is best to consult a dentist at the earliest. 
  1. Chipped, cracked or broken tooth or fillings/ crowns – While our tooth enamel is one of the strongest things in our body yet a tooth can crack or chip or get fractured due to cavities or injury. This may not look like an emergency because you may not experience pain immediately however you need to get it checked by your dentist as soon as possible. Same goes for fillings and crowns. When you lose them then you need to get them replaced immediately because they had put in to protect your teeth in the first place. 
  1. Bleeding gums – Bleeding from gums is never a good sign. It can indicate gum diseases. If you observe bleeding while flossing your teeth or even otherwise it will be in the best interest of your teeth that you visit your dentist to find the underlying problem. The sooner the underlying problem is detected the faster a treatment plan can be put in place. Gum diseases are hard to detect and if caught in early stages can be reversible. So, it is important that you visit your dentist in time to save your gums. 
  1. Tooth loss – this can be a painful experience. You can lose teeth due to an injury or due to ageing. As we age our teeth become worn down, loose and can fall out. An injury needs prompt medical intervention. A tooth lost due to ageing may not be categorized as requiring emergency care but it is time to go to the dentist who can offer solutions to replace the missing teeth. Missing teeth can make life difficult, not being able to chew food properly, not being able to eat what one wants and food getting stuck and hurting the gums, changing the appearance of our smile and ability to speak properly are some problems one can face if there is loss of teeth. A missing tooth can be replaced by a denture, implant or a bridge as the case may be. Sometimes dentists can even reattach the tooth.  
  1. Pain in the jaw accompanied by headaches – if you are experiencing pain in the jaw along with frequent headaches it is possible that you may be suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ disorder. This can only be diagnosed by a dentist. Read our blog – Surprising causes of jaw pain to know more. 
  1. Snoring or breathlessness during sleep – If you wake up from your sleep gasping for air, you may be suffering from sleep apnea. If diagnosed with the same a dentist can help with an oral appliance called as splint. 
  1. Bruxism – Grinding teeth in sleep is called bruxism and needs to be investigated by a dentist. Read more on the subject in our blog – Bruxism. 
  1. Bad breath and dry mouth – if you are experiencing any of these on a regular basis it is time to visit a dentist for identifying the reason and starting the treatment to get rid of it or control the same. 
  1. Regular visit – You must visit your dentist every 6 months even if you are not experiencing any of the above. A preventive visit can identify problems early on. Early detection and diagnosis can save your teeth. The dentist will check your teeth, gums, tongue, and mouth for any abnormalities. He will also remove any plaque, which will help prevent the plaque from turning into tooth decay. 

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