When to remove wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the teeth that erupt around the ages of 17 – 21 years at the back of the mouth. They are called wisdom teeth because they erupt so late in life and don’t make you any wiser. Wisdom teeth are molars that help grind your food. Some people never get their wisdom teeth. 

Some people decide not to get them removed. And that is also alright provided the teeth are –

1. Healthy.

2. Fully erupted.

3. Do not affect the bite or cause any pain in the mouth.

4. And can be cleaned easily and properly.

However it is best to remove wisdom teeth in the earlier stages of growth when the bone is soft making it easy to remove the teeth. It is better to remove them because they can cause problems later in life even if they are not causing any now. It is important to note here that wisdom teeth serve no real purpose in our mouth so removing them will not in any way impair the function of our mouth.

There may be some who may need to get their wisdom teeth removed urgently. One of the most common symptoms which should prompt one to visit and consult one’s dentist include – 

1. Any damage to nearby teeth – when the wisdom teeth erupt they can cause a repositioning of the existing teeth, this can lead to pain, overcrowding and bite problems. It may also impact cleaning of these teeth which can lead to cavities and loss of teeth.

2. Appearance of any cyst or pain in jaw is also an indication that may be not everything is right.

3. Some people also experience sinus problems when their wisdom teeth are erupting. Hence if you are also experiencing this it is time to get the opinion of a dentist.

4. Any gum inflammation or pain in the teeth which is out of the ordinary and one that makes it sore to touch needs immediate attention.

5. Any difficulty in eating food or food getting stuck at the back of the mouth is also a common problem faced by people who have improper growth of wisdom teeth.

6. Pain in ear, tongue, cheek and bad breath are some not so common symptoms.

You can keep a track of your wisdom teeth while they are still erupting with regular visits to your dentist and they can help guide you if you need to get them removed. Also keep an eye on the symptoms mentioned above to help you decide what is best for you. We can also assist you with more information and need for wisdom teeth removal. 

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