Why is Oral Health Important?

First and foremost, let us settle the question – Is oral health important? Well, the answer is pretty obvious yes of course! We are sure no one will dispute this fact. Something that has been drilled into us since childhood is that we need to brush daily, we need to take care of our teeth and mouth and therefore it comes as no surprise that most people will agree with our statement of fact that oral health is important. But if we were to ask why? Why is oral health important? We are likely to get some logical some vague but mostly uninformative answers. The most common answer one gets it is that we eat with the help of our teeth and we need to eat to stay healthy so taking care of one’s teeth automatically gains importance. Well, that is true, partly! There are a number of reasons besides this main reason that oral health is important. Let us explore those reasons today in this blog. 

Why is oral health important? 

Surveys done in May 2012, conducted by the American Dental Association about oral health found that many people are unaware of the importance of practicing good oral hygiene and its connection to overall health. Many people were not even certain of basic stuff like proper dental care, recommended time for replacing toothbrushes, and causes of dental cavities among many others. Dental and oral health is linked with one’s overall health and well-being. Poor oral hygiene can lead to dental cavities and gum disease, and has also been found to be associated with heart diseases, cancer, diabetes and a host of other diseases like respiratory disease, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. 

Benefits of good oral health 

Good oral health can have multiple health benefits. By maintaining a good oral hygiene routine like brushing your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, flossing once a day and going for a dental checkup every six months can help in a number of ways – 

  1. Reduce plaque and tartar deposits on the teeth. 
  1. Reduce the risk of diseases of the gum and tooth decay. Both gum diseases and tooth decay if left untreated can lead to tooth loss. 
  1. Reduce the risk of heart diseases – the bacteria in our mouth can get into our blood causing the chances of more clot formation resulting in an increased risk of heart disease. Good oral hygiene can prevent this. 
  1. Gum diseases can inflame the blood vessels thus impacting the blood flow going to the brain, this can result in strokes which can be debilitating for many individuals. Gum diseases are avoidable and even reversible if detected during early stages.  
  1. Recent research has indicated that the chances of a person developing diabetes goes up considerably if they have untreated gum diseases. People with gum diseases have a harder time in controlling blood sugar levels as compared to people with no gum diseases. 
  1. Some bacteria from the mouth can be pulled into the lungs causing respiratory diseases like the pneumonia. 
  1. Keeping the teeth and gums healthy can go a long way in reducing the chances of developing oral cancer. Oral cancer is the 6th most common cancer in the world and is a highly deadly disease. Smoking and drinking alcohol have been associated with increased risk of getting oral cancer and these two habits are also harmful for the teeth. It is better to quit smoking and minimize the alcohol consumption for the sake of one’s oral health. 
  1. People with healthy gums have been found to be less likely to develop dementia and diseases like Alzheimer’s as compared to people suffering from chronic gum diseases for long.  
  1. Osteoporosis is linked to periodontal and tooth bone loss. 
  1. Other disorders linked to oral health are rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s disease, pancreatic cancer, chronic kidney diseases and some eating disorders too. 
  1. Good oral health, no bad breath and sparkling white teeth can also boost one’s confidence. Healthy teeth and a healthy smile go a long way in improving one’s self esteem.  

With so many benefits accruing from good oral health you can only imagine how important oral health is. 

If these reasons are not enough, we will give one final reason which hopefully will set you on the path of good oral health. Research shows that a person’s longevity is directly linked to the number of teeth one has. With good oral care and frequent dental checkups, you will not only be looking good and taking care of your teeth and gums but you will also be taking care of your overall health and contributing to the length of your life.   

Hope this blog has been an interesting and informative read. We hope it helps you take oral health more seriously. Take care of your oral health and you will be confident, healthy and live a long life too. We wish you all the luck and good oral health. 

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